When it’s time to hang out, Eatup is the right app to install

Eatup the mobile app helps us explore places to eat with people who may or may not be in our friends circle. The challenges involved in setting up was iterating based on constant user feedback.

Ideas are sometimes born through a meal

The Eureka moment was when a stranger whom the founder met, turned out to be a really cool person. The founder was genuinely inspired by this which led him to start working on Eatup.

That One-man Army

Siddharth Ramesh (23), the CEO alone as a one-man army has built the product which has been featured on app showcases along with constant mentoring from the product mentors at FB start.  He takes care of design and development, marketing and user acquisition etc.  Ramesh holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and has prior experience in IT field as a software engineer.

Focused and planned

The team has focused much on product development and community building as of now and has few business models to drive revenue in the near future.

Eatup has a mission

The mission of Eatup is to enable people to connect offline by providing a seamless mobile transition experience while bringing that sense of togetherness and connection over the next meal. Eatup helps you in reducing the friction in meeting people over a meal. Match people with similar interests, values and hobbies over the next meal

Meeting new people around you who may or may not be in your friends circle

They are trying to ease this process by:

  •  Making Facebook login a requirement if we plan to organise an Eatup or be a part of one. So people can have an image about the person in their EatUp, via their Profile/ Name / Pic / Number of Friends / Followers / Eatups that they have been a part of etc.

Matching people

The criteria, by default that shows the Eatup’s  around us. Further to make it more dwelling they try to search and match on:

  • Restaurants or cuisines that we are interested in and other people who are interested in the same food as we.
  • Hash and Emoji tagging our Eatup.


  • If we are interested in an Eatup, we can send a request to join. The Eatup creator gets us to see profile and the request will be accepted which then continues with chat, put check ins of the place, tags, notify users and updates.

Splitting bill just right and Place Details. Yes, you read it right!

  • Any user of this app would be able to add items to the bill and can add themselves to that item so price for the item gets the split fair. Also tax amount that gets split equally among all attendees and a final share for each user is calculated with detailed description.
  • Restaurant details such as location, pictures, menu, rate card etc. are also provided.

This is the crux of what the application is designed to do. Along with this, there is a timeline to see Eatup activities of our friends and followers, smart notification system to let the user know about Eatup updates, profile to track our activity etc.

Best on its way

The team is on talks with the restaurants so that they can enter all the bills and dish details and users just get to add themselves to an item just by a click. In the near future Eatup team is planning to add most requested features to the app. Read more on Indian Startups.

When it’s time to hang out, Eatup is the right app to install
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