E-service at your favorite restaurant by Voolsy

This startup provides a seamless dining out experience to restaurant goers. Confused??? It’s a weekend and you go to your favorite restaurant for a meal and bam! You find out it’s also the favorite of many people, resulting in waiting to get a table. If you do get a table, getting the waiter’s attention is based on luck. Now finally with minutes of cribbing and growling you get your meal and now the biggest challenge is to pay the bill. With this whole messy scenario, your excitement to eat out goes for a toss. This scenario gave rise to Voolsy; your favorite e-steward at any restaurant.

Smit Nebhwani (CEO, Voolsy) and Amrish Patel (President, Voolsy) developed Voolsy app to answer all these problems of the restaurant goers. The app works inside a restaurant and you can order, customized food and pay with the help of this app. This means no more eye-catching games with the waiter or manager. With Voolsy, everyone gets a hassle free experience once they go in a restaurant to dine out. Dishes can be marked as favourite, so that we can order our favorites as soon as we enter the restaurant next time.

When asked about USP, Voolsy team says, ”With Voolsy you can do everything in a restaurant, like order, rate, and finally pay without the need to call the waiter or the manager. This saves both the time of the customer and makes their dining out experience smooth”

The biggest question we had, was how would the restaurant know which table to service, and with what food?

“With this app, tables are automatically detected with the help of iBeacon technology; which used for the first time in the restaurant sector in India. You can order food directly from your smart phone with the preloaded menus, along with information about all the cuisines with pictures and ratings. Once they are done, you can pay securely through the app, and rate the food you had. You can also mark your favorite dishes in the app,” says Smit & Amrish.


Smit Nebhwani    &   Amrish Patel

All this is easy to read and talk, but Voolsy faced a major challenge in changing the mindset of both the customers and restaurant owners. As far as customers are concerned, they know it is a good app to use. Issues like forgetting phone at home, data not working cannot be overcome. Restaurant owners knew Voolsy would enhance the quality of service they offer, but often resisted this change since there was Internet dependency. The quality and references of the app helped to overcome this challenge and the idea came through with flying colors.

Voolsy plans to cover the major metropolitan cities and later pan India with their app. As per their expansion phase, after their successful launch in Ahmedabad, Voolsy plans to launch in Mumbai soon. In Ahmedabad, the app is functional in 9 premier restaurants, hotel chains, cafes, and lounges. The company is also planning to add additional features in Voolsy in the coming months, like the facility of preordering meals, and an option for split billing. Voolsy team is highly enthusiastic; their morale is high, and their principle goal is to improve dining out experience.

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