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With over 3 crore bikes (new and used) bought and sold every year, it’s about time India had its own, exclusive 2-wheeler marketplace that went beyond just buying and selling. addresses every need that a 2-wheeler buyer and seller could have and makes a used-bike experience as good as new! DoSeat is in the process of organising the entire 2-wheeler ecosystem, realigning the focus on the customer. It is systematically streamlining buyers, sellers, OEMs, service partners, financial institutions, and is also compressing the price disparity between buyers and sellers that’s one of the  biggest obstacles to use bike trade. With its unique and comprehensive offerings, DoSeat brings many advantages to the fore, most of them non-existent so far.

Behind The Curtains:

 Amit Bhartiya and Kalam Shah, bring an immense experience of IT, retail, marketing and technology. Amit is a rank holding Chartered Accountant with over a decade’s experience in working on building businesses and brands. As a co-founder of LocalBanya and eBay Motors, he has the knowledge and skills to power brands from scratch. At Komli Media, he led and built all the strategic legs for Komli’s traditional ad network businesses. Kalam is an IIT-B alumnus and brings with him over 10 years’ experience in development, lead generation and marketing. Working on DoSeat since July 2015, they are plugging each gap and dimension to make the portal India’s most versatile and complete marketplace for used 2-wheeler transactions.

 All these factors add a unique edge to DoSeat, which is fast transforming the Indian 2-wheeler marketplace. With 18 currently operational cities & more and more cities and towns getting added to the DoSeat network, thousands of 2-wheeler aspirants will find the easiest and trusted way to realise their aspirations.

DoSeat – Empowering SMEs

Thousands of small and medium scale enterprises such as dealers, mechanics, garages, brokers and servicing professionals work in the 2-wheeler market. Most of these are unorganized. DoSeat is streamlining this value chain. Now, they all can list for free, get their bikes certified and with warranties and get quality customers from across the city. They can sell more, earn more and become adept as the now evolved used car dealers. Many will be able to sell 10-15 bikes a month, spiking up their income in the range of INR 30,000-50,000 per month. They can also offer service packs and accessories that form part of the DoSeat Magic Pack that add immense value to a customer. Over 20,000 addressable SMEs across 200 Indian towns stand to benefit with DoSeat in the long run. Soon, these dealers will also start offering finance, insurance and other benefits for buyers through DoSeat, becoming the next group of SMEs benefiting largely from the digital wave.

The Buyer Profile

The profile of the used bike owner is constantly evolving. There are domestic expatriates who prefer a bike for mobility, speed and ease of temporary ownership. Many young professionals and students find a 2-wheeler to be their choice of transport too, giving them flexibility and economy. Gearless scooters are extremely popular with women, young and old, who find them very handy and grant them immense independence. A good crop year sees many farmers invest in their first 2-wheeler of ownership, but when the season is not so good; they can’t afford beyond used Bikes. For many, like delivery services, bike taxis and other small businesses, 2-wheelers become the primary source of income. Most of these target groups work around tight budgets, which makes a used bike much easier to purchase. They are all already accustomed to the use of technology – like booking train tickets and recharging their phones online – so browsing bikes online should come easily to them.

DoSeat’s Magic Pack

The Magic Pack by DoSeat brings previously unseen benefits together in one amazing offer. The 6-month warranty covers the engine, transmission and other crucial parts. One-year roadside assistance comes free too, ensuring help arrives within 45 minutes and one is never left stranded. 2 doorstep-servicing visits come free, with the labour charges completely waived off. Free Group Bike accident insurance of INR 100,000 with TTD ( fracture cover) of INR 15,000 comes loaded on to the Magic Pack. DoSeat also offers free bike inspections to check if your bike is in top shape and certifies it basis its credentials. Certification leads to ratings, guarding customers against unhealthy bikes and making decision-making easy. DoSeat’s Magic Pack makes every bike transaction a joyful and trustworthy one.

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