High security internet with 24×7 monitoring is possible with DSD

Most web defenses today can’t adapt with fast changing attacker tactics because they are not designed for profile attackers and treats each attacker differently. They are also designed in such a way to update cycles for once or twice a year. However, modern attackers are coming up with new attacks every week.

Read out to know what DSD has did

DSD has developed a modern, advanced web security platform called ActiFend inorder to make internet safer for every user. With the help of dual combo WordPress Plugin, a powerful security analytics engine in the cloud and the mobile application ActiFend delivers monitoring services 24×7, automated attack detection and blocking in just a click away to recover from hacks and ransomware attacks.

Facing Challenges were just cake-walk

As cybersecurtiy is a challenging field, DSD faced many challenges in adapting advanced SIEM technologies for mass-scale use; and continues to face the challenge in educating the web owners the difference between 15th century castle-and-moat and modern adaptive defenses. It seemed to be a cake-walk when DSD cracked the challenges by developing multiple layers on top of enterprise grade solutions and driving down the costs and educating the web owners is under process.

Experiences do teach

Sastry realized the cost of setting up a security operations centre using the commercial products with his previous experience and started experimenting with few interns in setting up a low-cost SOC. He then came to a conclusion that modern security principles can be adapted for everyone’s use.

DSD was formed by fresh grads group with a passion to learn Cyber security that attracted them while working on their final year projects. Post their graduation, they decided to continue working and design solutions in Cyber security.

The PowerFul Team

  • Sastry Tumuluri (51), the CEO is an Information Security Professional, Start up Mentor and an IT Solutions Architect. He is the original technical architect of MCA21, a path-breaking paperless citizen services system. His prior experience includes a wide range of IT Consulting, Senior Management and Entrepreneurial roles both in India and abroad.
  • Chandra Tumuluri (48), the CTO is known for his managerial skills. He has 20+ years of strong technology and hands-on management experience in the IT Industry both in India and USA. He has proven success in building Offshore Centres with robust processes and practices, for engineering and content teams.
  • Pragti Chauhan (25), and electronic engineer is the Operations Head and the co-founder. A university bronze medallist and a security evangelist and volunteer at the NULL & OWASP Chapters of Chandigarh.
  • Davinder Kamboj (25) is the co-founder and is in-charge of the Mobile SOC App development at DSDInfoSec. Davinder is a serial entrepreneur, with expertise in application development on both Android and iOS platforms. With great work ethics, he is a great believer of DIY and follower of the concept of 100 hours challenge.

Funding and Revenue details

DSD is currently bootstrapped and funded through private angel investors. At present, the company is in a pre-revenue stage. The revenue model is through annual subscription to the service.The product was released in September and is being used by 30 clients to secure their web sites / portals. So far, the platform has processed over 20 crore events, detected and raised alerts for over 50,000 attacks on these sites.

And Yes! It Works

A WordPress plugin sends web server access logs to ActiFend server in real-time. These events are analyzed for attacks and breaches and wherever required, attackers are blocked automatically. When necessary, alerts are sent to the users on their Mobile App within seconds. Changes to the website are detected and backups are taken when such changes are authorized. Similarly for any unauthorized change, the latest backup is restored within minutes.

Partnering to Develop

DSD is working on an Enterprise version of the product, especially to detect hacks / malware infections on office PCs, networks and mobile devices. For this they are partnering with Data Resolve, whose endpoint sensor technology will be integrated with their Cloud-based Security Analytics  and Mobile Security Dashboard. Read more about Indian Startups.

High security internet with 24×7 monitoring is possible with DSD
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robert Emma

    December 22, 2016 at 8:27 pm

    cyber security and data protection has become essential in this age of communication…companies need to protect the data of the user and govt. need to protect the data of its citizens….go search for “breaking down donald trump thoughts on cyber security and you will see most of his saying are confusing and point less on cyber security …he plans to mass surveillance not just of muslims but all of the Americans especially immigrants.

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