Bihar Boy’s startup ServX got selected by Y-Combinator

ServX is a mobile app for facilitating automobile repairs has got selected by USA’s Y-Combinator. The startup is a marketplace for authorised automotive service providers. They provide authorised service assistance for users.

ServX was found in November 2015 by Anubhav Deep, Gaurav Srivastava (both in charge of operations), Sangeet Verma (responsible for technology), and Akansh Sinha. Deep born in a middle-class family in a village named Chappra. Deep stayed in 8 states of the country as his father got transfers. He did his schooling from Don Bosco school from Patna and JVM Shymali School which pivoted the shaping of his entrepreneurial mind. The total equity funding of ServX is about $120K from Y-incubator.

The startup was selected by Y-Combinator, which is a startup incubator based in Silicon Valley, US. The incubator has already invested $120K for a 7% equity stake has funded over 1,400 startups since 2005. The startup will move to the US for three months, where they are pitched in front of various investors.

The startup claims to have covered over 5,000 car washes and 2,000 services including repair.

Anubhav Deep CEO of ServX said:We intend to optimise their processes to make the customer experience transparent and seamless service while bringing down the costs for them. We had clarity of doing something on our own from early engineering years. So joining a job was not an option for us.”

In November 2016, it raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Manish Gupta, Chairman of the Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS) group of institutions. The raised capital will be used to create an on-field operation base, for implementation of tech and expansion to other cities such as Chandigarh and Jaipur. Read more about Indian Startup

The other startup which got selected by Y-Incubator are:

  • SuperDaily – This delivers daily consumable goods to users.
  • WiFi Dabba – They provides low-cost WiFi in India and has 70 locations across Bangalore.
  • Playment- On demand workforce for human tasks which serves companies that need highly scalable, quality assurance and data tagging operations with quick turnaround times and high quality.
  • The YC- India Connect: Innov8, Meesho and JustRide are startups of YC-India.

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Bihar Boy’s startup ServX got selected by Y-Combinator
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