Big SEO mistakes that Product Managers commit

Life doesn’t give free lessons to anyone. So when I say life taught me, rest assured that I paid the price!!!

As a founder and product manager I have learned through several failures some of the biggest mistakes committed by product managers while building a consumer web product.

Not prioritizing “Growth Hacking”. Products won’t scale unless you figure out ways of customer acquisition while building a product. This is not the responsibility of digital marketers. Growth hacking should be considered a critical part of your product management, much more important than it’s UI/UX.

They say the best products can market themselves. But the marketing dollars spent will never have the return on investment unless you figure out an organic growth model.

The following are some of the learnings from my failures as a product manager…

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is the key

What is the use of building a great web product which is not crawlable by search engines. The latest technologies available help you build great features on your websites but not necessarily search engine friendly ones. Research what SEO tools & techniques are being used by top products on the web. Understand their pattern. You can get their traffic details from and their tech stack details from For example, Jquery is more popular than Angularjs or Reactjs.

Schema is the essence

What if your site can be crawled, but google cannot understand it. Schema has become the most important aspect to make search engines understand your website. Check out and understand why it is important.

Content is King

What if Google can understand your site but users are not engaged. Though you have the most SEO friendly site, not having the right content will set you back. Your business will become more valuable if your user comes back regularly and becomes your loyal customer. Engagement of users with the right content at the right time is pretty crucial for your growth engine to kick in. Show what customers expect to see rather than showing what you want to show.

Right Architecture is the way

What if users are engaged but drop out because your site speed is slow. Your site architecture will decide how the site is going to perform when users flock. You might be seeing a great performance with limited users but it may not scale well unless you use the right architecture. Google right now considers your application speed as an important benchmark to rank your website or app.

Do comment to share your insights on the biggest SEO mistakes that product managers make. There are many best SEO tools to drive traffic to your website.

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Big SEO mistakes that Product Managers commit


  1. Kavin K

    August 7, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Well said! Growth hacking is my favourite part of this and most of the big shots know how to use this effectively for their business. Mobile optimizing has also become one of the biggest importance to consider nowadays

  2. Michaelcorsole100

    November 24, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Excellent blog! Many product managers don’t have a knowledge on mistakes they commit… These is an excellent blog, which gives best insights.

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