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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” said Steve Jobs. That is as true as it gets. In this fast moving world, innovation is what makes people stop and notice you. Because that is what changes the world and makes it a better place. The simple thought by a savage the a round object can serve as a wheel to travel great distances or the idea of trains flying in the air through magnetism are all wonders and so, innovations which made the mankind leap forward a thousand years. Innumerable developments are still waiting to happen to eradicate today’s countless problems of destructive weather, medical limitations and the always existing plight of farmers. The farmers’ lives balance on a very thin thread of the possibility of a good crop amidst conditions of drought and debt. Any small solution can make a big difference in their lives, something that Astute Innovation Services have tried to do.


The startup was established 2014 with a vision of developing and using technological advancements to solve the real time problems and make a better living for everyone involved. The team of Astute Innovation Services includes Rahul  Mishra , Director (Age -30 Yrs.) with 7 plus years of working experience in sales and marketing and Shishir Mishra , Director- Astute Innovation Services, Inventor (RWHU), (Age- 29 Yrs.) with more than 9 years of experience as system administrator and technologist.Other than the directors, the core team has Aditya Yadav (Age -28 Yrs.) as Legal Advisor, Archit Agarwal (Age 29 Yrs.) as the CA and Nitish Mishra (Age 28 Yrs.) as the Lead Developer. They believe in “Doesn’t matter if you don’t know How to do it, you should always know How to get it done”, their motto being to observe, think, innovate and apply.


The solutions and innovations that AIS works on are done by researching and analyzing the root cause of the problem’s existence and the negative effects it has on the people dependent on it. One such solution is the Rain Water Harvesting Umbrella (RWHU, #Rooh), an Electromechanical device. The idea for this device struck when it was observed that many states in the country have a constant fear of drought and flood situation. RWHU is developed for solving major problems of water and electricity in the field of agriculture.

Working on new ideas and trying out various innovations, their goal is to bring forward products which take the world forward without hampering the peace of the environment. They plan to spread their ideas to be accepted commercially and to reach millions.

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