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YouTube, Vimeo  are great platforms providing online video streaming services. However, they are not designed for short film and short film makers. If you want to see a short film in some particular category, you are required to do extensive search to find that. That problem provoked Selvam to build a new platform to help users quickly view and share short films without searching much, that is how shortfundly is born.

Started by Duo Maharajan and Selvam which aims to help 1000’s of short film makers to get connected to the audience and film industry.

Selvam Says

” SHORTFUNDLY is focused on building 3 things.
1. Linkedin for short film makers
To help film makers get connected with film industry
2. Dedicated short film video discovery platform
To help film makers reach audience
3. Crowdfunding platform for short film makers
To get the short film project funded by the crowd “

These are not 3 different platforms. This is one platform and we call it “Shortfundly“.

Within short period of time Shortfundly claims to have collected more than 20,000+ short films in different Indian languages. It reached 9,70,000+ unique video views so far. Currently focused on South Indian market especially Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andhra (3 states) With 550+ Short film makers.

Talking about Future Plans Selvam says “ShortFundly is planning to launch short film festival through our brand. We will organize the world’s short film media content information and make it universally accessible and useful. We also plan to launch crowdfunding for short film makers. Currently we are a bootstrapped startup and plan to raise Series-A funding with in 6 months.

Talking about the benefits to the film makers “Shortfundly helps you Get recognized by people. Once your short film is submitted, People engage it with reviews and feedback which in turn helps you to improve your short film making skill set.
Other players in this segment are and

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