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Introducing Crowdsite, the first Social Crowdsourcing Network

A study shows that one in eight people has made money online. There’s a huge crowd out there consisting of freelancers, startup entrepreneurs, smart employees and forward thinking businesses. Better named: Crowdworkers

There are tons of social networks and crowdsourcing marketplaces. But until today there was no Social Crowdsourcing Network. Our network has three key goals: develop tools to Meet, Socialize & Do Business.

A powerful profile & newsfeed gives you the ability to Socialize with your local connections and the rest of the world.

We launched also a ServiceShop for our community. The place where crowdworkers can create a service and sell it worldwide, in our public or their personal shops. A great tool to do Business with new and existing clients.

Roel Masselink: CEO/ Founder of Crowdsite
+1 (844) 285-0263
Oldenzaal, Netherlands
118 saket nagar
Ground Floor
Froyofit is a mobile application that lets you discover various fitness activities around you; compare and book them with the convenience of just a touch.

Who doesn’t want a healthy lifestyle these days? But some of us don’t know where to start our fitness regime from. All of us want a flawless body, a great muscle build up, and a lean structure. But most of us have no clue about what should we go for? Yoga or Swimming? Gym or Zumba lessons? How about aerobics? Or karate? Pilates? What should be the budget? Above all, the class should be easily accessible from home and work. Right? We all face such situations, and wonder if anything could make all this easier for us. You don’t have to wait any longer. To make such decisions easier for you, Froyofit is here to give you the best possible solution.Froyofit is a one stop shop for all your fitness requirements.Froyofit is an app dedicated to fix all your fitness related problems. Unlike other apps we will not tell you just about the options to pursue, but taking you a step beyond, with our app you will be able to find and locate the health regime of your choice according to your budget. And, trust us, they are all pocket friendly.Whether it is weight loss, muscle building, burning calories, health boosting, or body shaping, everything requires a good trainer. So why not choose Froyofit and get yourself one. You can pick any of your choice from a wide range of activities like, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Aerobics, Dance, Swimming, Fitness Studios, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Spinning, Cross Functional Fitness Training, Weight Control, Massages, Dieticians/Nutritionist and many more from the Froyofit app based on their location, budget, reviews etc.User can also book free fitness trials through Froyofit as per the convenience and can avail exciting in – app discounts exclusively in our app.We are currently available in Indore, and soon we’ll be reaching your cities. Visit the App Stores and download ‘Froyofit’ NOW.And remember, your body is a wonderland. Stay fit.
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The solar implementation used can not be directly used to provide power directly to the motors because the design is mostly inefficient.
Secondly, the solar panels are not highly effective and not generally used.
The basic factor is the solar implementation could put some practical use in the regions which are mostly nearby to the equator or to the zones which surface the tropic of cancer because in this places the sun is strictly overhead more often than not.
But in the other places, the sun is not always in an overhead position and are mostly encountered with non direct sun rays or slanted rays that have diminished intensity and reach the traps fitted to enclose on the charge carriers with lesser energy much being wasted in traversing a greater path.
Moreover, in these regions there are high chances of torrential rainfall and therefore the total dependence of the vehicle being run by solar ray trapping is not a convenient measure, therefore, what we would be doing is not actually lessening the great benefit of solar trapping but in a way making it more affordable and efficient to use.

We actually succeed in making something which is a bit out of the box yet much efficient, renewable and consumes lesser energy than ever.
We take help of technology , strictly mechanical and electrical based technological skills and put into use the CONTROL SYSTEM mechanism to make a sufficiently evolved technique to meet out all the hindered regimes circulating the e rickshaws.
We would be using the batteries(secondary cells) , which are mostly the conventional charging discharging units used and at the same time use the solar cell trap, that is the implementation with the pre existing architecture, driving out none but using each to their fullest.
Firstly, we would be designing a circuit with positive feedback control path which would be automated by the help of a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor and a feedback path that would have an entry control programmable circuit ,mostly designed by embedded language and with the help of a microprocessor that would enable the stop or feed to the path of the “feedback” channel.
This would enable the battery to produce the charged cells to the motor driving system which produces the necessary torque called the driving torque of the device but at the very same time there would be something of the sort called charging the discharging unit, which would be enabled by the feedback path.
What we do is this.
We work on the temperature sensor , which measures the temperature gradient and generates a flag value=1 , whenever the the rays are enough bright to actually help the battery charge and thus this flag value enables the path of the control ,called the feedback and helps the battery gets charged.
The humidity sensor is used so as to necessarily measure the water level content or the biosphere water content ,say in the vapours which would also help the entry control system of the loop generated and guided by the temperature sensor.
Now, for an example if the sky turns gloomy and the gradient falls rapidly the flag resets itself to a value ‘0’ which when fed to the entry of the looping mechanism sets the register of the microprocessor to an active high value , the input being put with a negation logic( for convention being followed strictly) and since the microprocessor works on an active low logic its emits the signal and breaks the control in the circuit stopping the feedback path and not allowing it to generate a negative feedback I any way possible.
We would use this to charge the cells of the battery which drives the motor because it is largely efficient and drives the motor smoothly, only that we convert the solar trapped energy into the chemical energy which gets stored in the battery whenever the discharging has crossed (1/e) value that is 37% ,e=EULER’S CONSTANT.
We do this to ensure no part melts due to over heating.( A PRECAUTION).
So , in a gist, we keep the vehicle alive and in a way too much efficient and no way compromising in the specialties it has or not even moulding its primary mechanism but introducing “A PATH” for a better life span, lesser electricity consumption, more eco friendly, better green technology ,suitable vehicle for travel and also highly cost efficient.
Taking into account the cost issue, the cost of the batteries involved would be lessed to 60 % of the original cost incurred on an annual basis.

RAUNAK NAYAK (+917063020117)
SUBHADEEP DATTA (+917031607772)
Hope Collective
N 166, Greater Kailash Part 1, New Delhi 110048
Hope Collective is an online emporium/marketplace for quality products made by the beneficiaries or the merchandise of NGOs and Social Enterprises.

Hope Collective is an online emporium/marketplace for products made by the beneficiaries or the merchandise of NGOs and Social Enterprises. The portal is a step towards revolutionizing the Social Development sector by decreasing dependency on charity and by promoting the concept of ‘Conscious Consumption’. The website aims to provide a platform to reach a bigger market for products associated with any social, economic or environmental cause, and act as a catalyst to reduce the dependency on charity. Unlike conventional e-commerce marketplaces, Hope Collective also advises these organisations on how to improve the quality, price and market competitiveness of the product based on market trends, data analytics and customer feedback. Thus, the products sold through our website are usually at par with a consumer product of its category in the market. Hope Collective’s primary aim is to enable NGOs to help themselves, and increase profitability for Social Enterprises while giving customers a wide range of products to choose from and causes to support.
Devakshi Nayar – Founder and CEO
Joe Sebastian – CTO
Shiva Dhawan – COO
Rishi Arora – CMO
New Delhi
Internshala (Scholiverse Educare Private Limited),
A-1111, Unitech Arcadia
South City 2, Gurgaon
Haryana, India – 122018

Internshala ( is world’s largest internship platform in terms of users and traffic (Source:

The platform started as a WordPress blog in 2010 and today, helps over 1 Mn students to find an internship and ~35,000 companies to hire interns. From past 5 years, Internshala has been steadfastly trying to build a culture of meaningful internships in India. In a way, Internshala is a platform that crowdsources real education for hundreds of thousands of students in India.

Sarvesh Agrawal is the founder & CEO of Internshala. An alumnus of IIT Madras, Sarvesh worked in business analytics domain for 5 years in UK and India with Capital One, Barclays Bank, and Aviva plc before eventually starting up Internshala.

Get in touch with Sarvesh at
Ksi Technologies
4th Floor, Sai Priya Neela,13th Cross, Neeladri Nagar ,Electronic City Phase 1, Bangalore, Karnataka,
India 560100
KASI TECHNOLOGIES a Web & Mobile-application development firm, where we innovate design to deliver best to place your idea in market.Working with every new clients we got an exciting experience! 25+ creative minds, having capacity of deliver exemplary result everyday.

Kasi Technologies is not only providing the service also working with multiple StartUp not only to develop their product, we are working with them to achieve their target, to achieve their goal and even we are expecting end of 2017 we are going to have 3-4 multi billion StartUp.
KASI is having 25 + different mind, learners, creative minds, passionate buddies who work as team but having a individual talent. Bunch of young and dynamics mind from all different corner with all different background.Right now team is capable to handle minimum of 50+ project at the same time. Experience and expertise is all field make KASI so powerful and the awareness of all new born technology help them to move forward with all new upcoming requirement.
We are not doing any thing new, but ya we are proud of to shaping new ideas every day.On floor of KASI every day we discuss something new with our clients and every day we deliver some unique features to our clients. We are having a so reasonable price for all kind of applications and the portfolios tells all the stories.
Started few months ago and growing so much fast. The initiative taken by Mr Siddharth Srinivas and Mrs Poornima Ashok having not only techy background, also having 10+ experience of IT industry. Started by 2 friends having discussion on coffee and now they enjoying their coffee with 25+ employee. Sri is pure code lover person and still he love share his hand with developers in free time. He is responsible for all technical operations happening in “KASI” and to deliver a perfect solution to our client. Now a days he is working on few products which is going to be launch soon also involved in making the overall strategy of the company and actively involved in Global IT (Mobility, Social & Cloud) Solutions, Sales & Marketing. Poornima is handing all the financial and operational part of the company means responsible for total outcome and uses of minimal resources.She has been actively involved in various activities such as Customer Delivery, Key account management, Finance and HR.
Local Coworking
Local converts quirky restaurants, bars and pubs which are unoccupied or closed during the day into co-working spaces. We convert theses spaces into an environment designed for our members to reach peak productivity.

How it works…

Local ties up with restaurants on a revenue sharing model. The restaurants will let the co-working space customers use its space during daytime till 7 pm. A customer will have to choose a plan and select a home center (from where the customer will usually work). Because there are no real estate costs involved, the services can be offered at a discounted price from the prices offered by other co-working spaces in the country. Although the customer will choose a home center from where he will operate, he will be granted access to other centers.

Our Story!

We absolutely love the buzz of cities…the constant innovation, development and creativity. However, what we lack is space. Everywhere we go, we are confined to a small office and limited to sitting behind a desk.

Local has tapped into the co-working market to address this problem faced by our 15 million freelance professionals and entrepreneurs. We see plenty of usable space hiding in plain sight! There are plenty of restaurants in every city which are well designed, furnished and equipped to fulfill your working requirements. These restaurants either open late or have ample of empty seats during the day, creating a perfect environment to work and meet other professionals.

Whether you’re a start-up who doesn’t yet have a steady stream of income of if you enjoy working in a relaxed environment, Local has it all. Without being heavy on your pockets, Local provides a space to work, host meetings, network and even relax. Being a member of the ‘Local Network’ gives you access to any Local location around India making it easy and affordable to find a fantastic place to meet and work in every neighborhood.

Stay productive all day where seats are abundant, WiFi is fast and reliable, and delicious coffee and refreshments are included. We take care of the comforts you desire in a space designed for productivty!
Founder: Nikita Shah

Co Founder: Arth Jain
+91 7045888711
Opp. JNTUK, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
Messisoft provide Complete Suite Of ERP, SaaS, E-Commerce, Web Design, Digital Marketing And Mobile Apps Development Services for all SMB and SME.

Messisoft has produced web app development & software development services, ERP & E-Commerce solutions with latest technology. Our custom web development services and custom software development services have fetched us returning clients, who now consider themselves as a part of Our Team. This has increased our confidence and motivates us to perform even better.

Our process involves working closely with the clients and provides consultative and interactive approach for different challenges faced them. This allows developing a close relationship with our clients in order to provide creative ideas that make a difference and are relevant to your particular industry, product, market or personal website. Our goal is not only to help you gain new business, but to help you establish and reinforce a sustainable online presence and branding strategy.

– Information Gathering
– Planning
– Designing
– Development
– Deployment
– Maintenance

We will be the employer of choice and the partner of choice by focusing on our core values of On Time Delivery, Security, Flexibility and Transparency

Visit us now
Founded by Rakesh Babu Vinjamuri in the year 2015. He was an UI UX Design consultant. After the obligated 8+ years of service, chose to hang his uniform based service in User Interface designing and moved on to Entrepreneurship and started own gig at small town Kakinada which is located in East Godavari District, AP.

Enthusiastic innovative thinker with skills in converting ideas into products.

Dreamed of founding a company, an idea for a web/mobile app triggered his first venture which is SkoolAdmin, School Management ERP application with motto: “Small town education start-up which offers ERP solution to schools across the globe”.

He was an BSc-IT graduate from Acharya Nagarjuna University.

He has various proficient skills regarding Product Development, Interaction design, wireframes and prototyping, UI/UX design, Training, team building, Design Consultation.

He loves Startup stories, Product development architecture, volunteer ship in social work, Travelling and photography.
Pedaravuru, Tenali.
Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh

Starting a business is difficult task for everyone but this guy made it easy and simple.

Kiran Kunchanapalli who founded his startup with the name of OurTeam in January 2015 at Tenali, Andhra Pradesh.

OurTeam is a startup that offering Logo Design & Website Development services in effordable prices and offering some freebies to its clients.

In the span of 2 years OurTeam got brand identity in Indian market and provided more then 20+ clients.
Kiran Kunchanapalli
We started Paydeck out of the real Pain of a common man, who has a credit card in his pocket and with which they actually wanted to pay for certain things, where POS machines were not available. Thus we created Paydeck, The Digital Pos. Using Paydeck you can use the credit card to make the payment for numerous things, which falls under the category of Service or goods selling. And thus enabling credit card holder to utilise the credit limit at their disposal. 

1. Tell us about how your startup came to being? What is the idea behind it?

It started with the real problem: Why I can’t pay my rent/society maintenance with credit card?

Paydeck was born when I was going through bad financial crisis and wanted to pay my house rent and CAM charges with credit card. And I didn’t get a single option to do so in India. With this frustration & pain firsthand inspired me to create a solution that would enable anyone to use their card of choice for any payment, regardless of acceptance & without optional recipient participation.

One of the greatest innovations of the 20th Century, in payments space, was the advent of cards – credit and debit. The ease with which the cards fit into your wallet and significantly reduce the need to carry large sums of cash on you at all times, has left the consumers mesmerized. Across the globe, acceptability of cards has increased at a scorching pace and in the Western World more than 50% of all consumer payments are made using cards (credit cards mainly).

However, in India, while the trend is clearly on the rise, the overall penetration is much lower at <5%.

This is on account of two reasons: societal preference for use of cash and paucity of POS terminals in the country – of the 1 crore retailers in the country only about 6 lac retailers allow the use of cards to make a payment.

The second factor leaves us, Indians, with the need to keep carrying cash in our wallets/purses and feeds into our preference for using cash.
With this background in mind and to help the Indian society to truly unleash the power of cards, PayDeck was founded. The idea is simple – use the two items most commonly found on a significant majority of Indian viz. the Mobile Phone and the Bank Card (debit/credit) to enable users to make a variety of payments quickly, conveniently and ‘on the go’.

IN a different way of understanding:

We started Paydeck out of the real Pain of a common man, who has a credit card in his pocket and with which they actually wanted to pay for certain things, where POS machines were not available. Thus we created Paydeck, The Digital Pos. Using Paydeck you can use the credit card to make the payment for numerous things, which falls under the category of Service or goods selling. And thus enabling credit card holder to utilise the credit limit at their disposal. 

Apart of this, we have the invoice solution, where you can send an invoice to a person who is availing the services you are providing and you don’t have a way to carry a pos machine every time to the Payer. You can send the invoice & the Payer shall be able to use their Debit Card or Credit Card to pay for those invoices. The sectors which we have seen high momentum coming from is Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Interior Designers, Building Contract Suppliers, Professional Photographers, Dealer/Distributors of automobile parts, etc. We call it SOHO Module! Small Office/Home Office Merchants. Thus catering mainly to the un-organized

2. What are the products and services you offer?( USP and how are they different from their competitors in the market)

Paydeck solves a very simple problem of moving money in a quick, convenient and secure way while empowering people to pay for any good or service on a credit card, regardless of acceptance. 

Paydeck (‘pay-deck') makes payments possible, but we are not about payments.
we are about “payers” – the people behind the payment.
A new, exciting option to pay for anything and everything 'big' in life – convenient, a la carte, fun, rewarding, and secure.

Paydeck is solving a problem we don’t always realize we have – limitations on when we can use our card of choice – because we’re so used to being told ‘no cards accepted’ within certain industries.

Who are the merchants?

Your landlord who is providing you a accommodation & he/she has to pay taxes on earning that money.

Your child's tuition teacher, who don’t have a swiping machine, but he/she could be paid with credit card & he/she pays taxes on that earning.

Merchants at paydeck are those who are professionals or businesses providing services or selling goods from their home or office & have no credit card swiping machine nor they want to have because of handling hassle or related fees.

Type of merchants or places where you can use your credit card to pay:
Rental – Home or office, Tuition – Teacher or coaching institute, Interior designer, wedding planner, photographer, home chef, vendors/dealers & distributors, Car service centers- where you send your car for service & pay at your home in cash or cheque, and many other options.

3. What is the existing business and revenue model you are following?

We are charging 2.5% flat inclusive of all on per trxn basis!

4. What is your startups's funding status?  (Money raised till now)

We are bootstrapped! And we would like to remain the same for sometime for now.

With Said that, We surely are looking for investment too, but not from everyone. People who are in sync with idea & can actually do some value additions.

We have recently received 2 offers on funding of approx 1.2 cr & 50 lakhs individually from Angel & Seed guys, respectively. But we found both of them were not in sync with idea. They were more on picking up this cashless chaos going on, and had not that planned approach or understanding of the stuffs.

We too would love to get acquired or acquihired, but, as said above, anything we will do, will be with like minded people or those who value the propostion.

5. What do you have in mind for the future of your venture?

Currently we are working on product upgradation. When we launched and today, everything which we have there on is users feedback. And with user feedback we kept on adding stuffs.

Our next release is a better understanding UI. And next to that is our App which shall be launched by first quarter with merchant dedicated console & also merchant pre-listed data. It shall have the UPI based payment facility for merchant invoicing solution, which is another part of Paydeck.

2018 is the year of expansion to South East Asia. We are working on the legal formalities for the same. Our motive is to work mainly in those markets where Credit Card’s user base is & they want to utilise the credit card balances for services where POS is not acceptable.

And the best part is, we can stay operational from India on the same & can manage everything staying a lean organisation. The Power of Technology is the key for the same.

6.Share with us the marketing efforts you have invested till date and the market size and opportunity in this area?

We have not spent a single cent on marketing yet! Whatever we have with us is through word of mouth. Every single user which we have at Paydeck is through organic ways. And now we are going to focus on SEO, but that too we will do completely organic way. We are not burning cash.

We have invested 18 lakhs approx so far & that is in product and its related requirements.

We believe that if you will build a good product & it actually will solve the customers pain point, you don’t need then to pay for your customers to be your customers!
6.Tell us about the team members working in your startup?

Saurabh Suman – Founder & CEO – Responsible for: Product Management & Banking relations. Co-heads Tech Side Development. Co-heads Operations


Arunabh Singh, presently works with Citibank & he pro-bono advises us on compliances/regulations etc.

Rajeev Krishnan, Country head of National Instruments, & investor at couple of startups in India. He advises us on expansion & strategic planning for growth.

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