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Rankings and Reviews of Best SEO companies Globally is one of the finest rating and reviewing segments. The company unveils the global and local listings of the best SEO companies operating in different localities. The ranks are released monthly in order to add newbies with great achievements in the lists. The analyst team working with the firm comprises of SEO experts and marketing specialists. These people keep up with the latest technologies and new innovations to the market. The top positions are provided to the agencies that constantly add new dimensions to the digital landscape.
+1(619) 798-6892
California, USA
4 Way Technologies
2909 Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont,CA- 94538

4 Way Technologies is one of the best Software Development Service and solution company which design and develop apps for smart tv like for android tv, apple tv and roku tv and have developed applications for smart tv application development for the clients and we have elite team of developers which develop applications for all the smart tv in the world wide including US & Australia. Contact us to develop your smart tv applications now.
Ronan Bake
4 Way Technologies
2909 Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont,CA- 94538
4 Way Technologies is an Apple TV app development services provider which develop apple TV applications for Apple smart TV and provide services to the clients and customers in different countries including the USA and UK.

4 Way Technologies is an Apple TV app development services provider which develop apple TV applications for Apple smart TV and also work on other platforms be it for Android TV, Samsung TV, Roku TV, and LG TV etc and we also provide services to the client and customers in the Maryland state and other different countries including the USA and UK.

4 Way Technologies
Prateek Sharma
Maryland is the online students to students community board and classified marketplace to help you buy, sell, trade to your friends and classmates in an easy and friendly way.

Aalizwel is committed to some simple ideas:
# Create a remarkable simple online students to students community board and classified marketplace
# Rejuvenating the way students Buy, Sell, Trade and Connect.
# Encourage a less wasteful cycle of student life
# Listen to the student community
# Students life made easy
# No shipping, No credit cards, No hassle, It’s all free!

Features of Aalizwel –
# Students can buy, sell, rent, exchange, reuqest, offer and give away their unused items to other peers.
# Students can list their profile in “STUDENT SERVICES” and showcase their desired skills to get more work during their college life. They can put price of their skills on the following basis – hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.
# Students can follow other peers and get notified with latest updates about their peers. (just like twitter)
# Private Internal messaging system can help users to do chit-chatting with each other.
# Apart from students, we have created separate sections for business/service owners to promote/list their businesses/services at Aalizwel and help the hottest brigade of India.
Founder Name – Vishal Jagetia
Actionable Science
Actionable Science is a technology startup using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver conversational helpdesk services.

Actionable Science is a technology startup using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver conversational helpdesk services. The company’s Virtual People/digital agents use advanced NLP and machine intelligence to enable customers to have natural dialogues over messaging. The digital agents come ready to be implemented and are pre-trained with basic, entry-level skills for their functional roles. They can do everything you expect from an optimized service desk, including tracking tickets and seamlessly partnering with your human teams.

Actionable Science
Manish Sharma
San Ramon
401 A-037, A Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Engage & Monetize Adblocker using visitors

AdLatch, software as a service designed to help publishers reclaim revenue lost to Adblockers and analyze the performance of visitors. Publishers leverage these insights to identify revenue forfeited to Adblockers and engage with those visitors to recoup lost revenue.

Companies using AdLatch can grow subscribers and generate leads with increased social sharing and traffic. Plus, they can start accepting payments/donations from website visitors who use Adblockers. AdLatch also provides real-time analytical insight about subscribers, leads, money, and social sharing.
Gaurav Sharma
Advance Institute

Advance Institute provides training for various courses like mobile repairing course, laptop repairing course, CCTV Camera repairing course, LED LCD TV Repairing Course, DSLR Camera Repairing Course and other technical courses. We provide advanced and quality based training and focus to make our students technically equipped. With a team of our specialist and skillful faculties. After the course, we provide job placement, lifetime support and a bright future in the technical field.

Laptop Repairing Course in Delhi.
Adweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd
309/3, Shree Krishna Commercial Centre,
6 Udyog Nagar Off SV Road,
Goregaon West, Mumbai 400062, India. is one of its kind, first in India, a portal to buy SSL certificate online. It offers all industry leading SSL certificates as per your business needs. Portal also offers easy DIY tools for SSL installation services. For starters we offer free SSL certificates. Try Now:

HTTPS.IN is the sole property of Adweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd.. Located in the financial hub of India, we are the leading SSL security solutions provider, catering to fortune 500 companies. Our proficient team of 50+ people work consistently for better sales and support services which are aimed to provide ease for your journey with us.

We are Platinum Partners of the world’s leading Certificate Authorities (CA) including Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL

Venture Capital
Let our content engine write product descriptions for your online store. Does your eCommerce/classified/real-estate portal’s user experience and SEO suffer because of less content? Auto generate product descriptions for your online portal with this product description generator.

It’s tricky to write descriptions for hundreds of product pages

Let our AI engine write your product descriptions in minutes

Make your product pages content-rich and uniqueScale faster by targeting new long-tail keywordsIncrease traffic by ranking for synonyms and related wordsSemantically connect with Google’s Search Algorithm
Make your E-commerce business future-proof with next-gen technologies

Your online store lacks content at the product level. The pages either have no content or use copied content.If your e-commerce site have a few thousand products in the catalogue, it is tricky to write content for all those listed products. Writing content wastes dozens of your precious time, and negatively impacts your growth if you have to hire your own copy writers.Get unique descriptions for products, real-estate properties, classifieds written in minutes. Try our One-Click -Content generation technology built on NLG engines.

AdZis – Ecommerce Content Engine
Nidhish Alex, Business and Strategy :
Agilean Solutions
Ourter ring road, bellandur, Bangalore – 560034
Agilean is an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing based SaaS Enterprise workflow automation and administration solution that caters particularly a small and medium IT businesses

Agilean is an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing based SaaS Enterprise workflow automation and administration solution that caters particularly a small and medium IT businesses working with numerous verticals.
Customizable, simple and simple, Agilean assists set and automate your Kanban flow in a few mins from the choice of over 50 inbuilt templates for flow efficiency.
Agilean was designed to streamline your workflows able to create process flows and funnels automatically, but additionally enhance your existing projects based on the requirements of your business or customer.
It increases and enhances your abilities for task planning, delivery, tracking, control and continuous learning for a wide range of software along with other industry vertical projects.
Agilean Benefits:
Agilean promotes total transparency on all your projects and improve overall project efficiency.
The software provides the most appropriate and updated details about all your and your team’s work via strong and beautiful data visualizations boards which are simple to understand.
Improvement and optimization of your workflows is maximized like you or your team can place bottlenecks and possible problems that may hinder your operations.
One place to manage all your teams backlog and Limiting the work-in progress contributes to better focus, clear communication and more realistic analysis and project.
Agilean can Identify the impediments and provide the response plan which is key value to team and organization to increase agility.
With Agilean, the feedback loop is fast and brief. This enables for much better collaboration and communication in between you or your client, making sure that your team is able to provide the minimum variable item and validate.
You or Your team can rapidly see and understand the value flow and process and determine processes which are wasteful and take them out from the equation. Improving your team overall effectiveness becomes easier.
Agilean allows you to take a deep look at the real efficiency time for cards without including wait time and blocked time and determine how you may further improve efficiency And provide better, high value output. At the IT business, it’s crucial that you keep your clients Notified of each updated and development. Your clients having the ability to offer their inputs and ideas is equally important as well. With Agilean, your clients have a platform where they could provide you with their needs, want, and more and you having the ability to respond as soon as possible.

What Problems Will Agilean Solve?
Automated work-flow
Agilean provides Kanban that enables customers to create an automatic procedure in a few minutes with the aid of templates that are in built. Select the Workflow template-based on kind of your project. Your entire funnels will soon be produced immediately, where exercise or jobs, are passed from participant to another for action, based on a set of procedural guidelines. Alternatively, you produce your own and can modify the funnel. The work-flow automation allows you speed up efficiency, but additionally improve current assignments based on your customers or your firm wants.
Standup Meeting Automation:
70% of senior management and your center is active with back to back conferences, which is very hard to calculate their productiveness and selection outcome of these meetings. Hence, all the conferences become non-conclusive.
Agilean is promoting standup conferences automation where your entire run time conversations in the shape of audio will likely be changed into text that was systematic l and after that converted to mp3 and saved on your system.
High degree of Predictability with voice powered AI Bot:
Agilean uses Natural language processing and Artificial Intelligence in the work-flow management device.
Of applying AI purpose is helping to supervisor and groups. PM and team can ask certain questions regarding the undertaking health and position updates and get the general feedback/outcomes from AI bot in real time. AI Assistant will give suggestions and can understand about the general task and forecast the future efficiency.
Example: as a project progress, AI Bot can calculate expense efficiency and forecast the achievement price of the project-based on procedural principles and certain parameter. AI Bot learns about the general schedule and range of the project, ensuring every one of the schedules are satisfied and keep informing all stakeholders about their process line that is dead lines and do the required escalation to the next level management.
Suggestions can be given by AI to the manager, centered on what might be versus what’s really being delivered.
This boost the customer-satisfaction ranges and enhances the productiveness of the complete project group as well as the manager. Besides this, time clocking, real time position up date, know all you may do through AI bot and the danger of the project and launch time lines.
Founded by Sarma BKP in the year 2016, Agilean is based out of Bangalore. Sarma has over 17 years of IT-Technology experience dealing with IT Infrastructure, Networking, Data Centers, Cloud Computing Services and Analytics.
+91 9535843000

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