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CentroFX boasts an innovative vision which has led it to secure an excellent reputation in a short time, offering Clients unparalleled trading conditions, a wide range of trading instruments, a secure and safe trading environment and a commendable level of professionalism in all its FX services. Our platform, the MT5, leads the FX markets without any doubt . Our Customer Service is professional. Multi-lingual, and available to attend to all your needs 24/5.
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Click&pay aims to displace payment inefficiencies by efficient, affordable, scalable and real-time electronic solutions for enterprises & consumers.

I Kalyan Karteek, founder of Click&pay.

After spending couple of years in MNC’s my brother, co-founder of Click&pay, Sai Sandeep (24) and I left our decent paying jobs and started our company in vision of making country cashless.


Click&pay was started in December 2015, With four founding members including me. I, being a Product-maker, Technologist, and designer, also handles the investments and partnerships.

Sai Sandeep(25) is an all-rounder with excellent technical knowledge. He is well experienced in handling the creative part of the coding.

Nagendra Babu(26) is one of our core team members, handling Marketing, Sales and vendor management. Chandra Sekhar(25) is taking care of operations and HR since day one. He also handles the social media platforms for Click&pay

Now click&pay is a team of 18 people passionate members who are working with a vision to make nation cashless.

Our Service to the Customers.

We started to make payment transactions cashless, secure and flexible. we provided our users an easy way to make payments through our mobile application. This Evolution of mobile payments will replace all the cards/paper transaction and make money digital.

We help users to make payments in a smart way by providing them to find the best offers in their locality and cash backs on successful transactions. users can also send/request money to their pals.

Merchants can take advantage of the unique marketing and payment platform with sophisticated customer management tools. The app allows them to increase profit margins by identifying customers spending patterns, analyse buying behaviour and transactions, and stimulate spending activation. With big data management and advanced CRM practices, merchants can personalise and geo-located customer offers to increase loyalty, retain clients and increase repetitive buying. our app plugs into POS software or a unique QR code for secure and authenticated payment transactions.

We have on-boarded around 2000+ offline merchants in both Telangana and Andhra Region in the span of 4months with just a team of 2 people. We have achieved 80% success rate of our product as the merchants got benefited and accepted our product. We have got a foot hold in the Hyderabad market.

“” But after an intense market research we have found a lot of real payment problems existing in the B2B sector which are needed to be addressed. So we decided move to B2B market. Instead of being one among many players in the B2C market and just being an option we want to provide solutions to the actual problems. We also analysed that B2C markets are not a sustainable model to make revenues “” – Kalyan Karteek

As of now, our focus is completely on B2B solutions. And we are looking the huge market opportunity in this segment

Our Service to the Businesses.

We help businesses to do better in payments part and change the way of many small-medium businesses in making money, spending money and tracking money.
1. We help businesses get paid with Invoicing (easy invoicing, recurring invoices)
2. Improving cash flow management by different kinds of payments like payments via SMS, EMAIL, WhatsApp and QR.
3. Automated Payments, Bulk acceptance and disbursements .
4. Preparing for tax time and providing business insights (accounting and Receipts Software)
5. Integrate with industry leading application like Tally and Quickbooks.

Clients Adopting the platform

Raj Sekhar an SME in Hyderabad was little doubtful about switching to technology. “” How far this new technology is going help us to solve our payments problems in running our business. Are you sure that it works? ”” – Raj Sekhar

Many people don’t really like to change because they’ve run the same system for decades. But adopting real time solutions would definitely benefit them.

The convinced Raj Sekhar later imported all of his previous excels and expenses just by the click of a button.

Now he has automated his every month payment invoices and started accepting payments at a single click from his 80+ clients. It is really quick and easy.

Our Clients Happy that they can send their invoices directly to clients via email/SMS/WhatsApp and they can pay online using credit/debit and Net banking.

Investor Validations.

It’s going to be one year since the launch of the platform, and we are happy with the results.

And now we are testing B2B application with our existing clients by working in various segments.

In the next six months, we aim to expand into targeted segments like educational institutes, Insurances companies and SME’s.

During last October, We raised seed investment of undisclosed amount from a high net worth Dubai-based investor.

And now we are presently in talks with various other investors for next round of funding

Market Eye/Size

In the content segment, there are various companies that have found their niche and offer different solutions to different sectors. From mobile wallets to payment gateways and invoicing there are various companies in the market, each catering to different needs of consumer/business via technology.

Experts say that total transaction values in the “Digital Payment” segment in India amounts to USD 28,961.6 million in 2016 and is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2016- 2020) of 18.36% resulting in the total amount of USD 73,837.5 million in 2020. And companies in this domain are very bullish about future growth.

Post demonetisation – Paving the way for digitalisation

Click&pay found demonetisation to be a welcome move, as we can see businesses showing very positive sign in making transactions cashless and automated. It led to a new set of customers who now appreciate the value and services.

Partnership Achievement

We can proudly say that we are on board as business partners with ” YES BANK ” to provide wallet services (Pre-paid payment instrument) and also partnered with ICICI integrating UPI in our application

Click&pay also got a status of a portfolio company in india’s largest Incubator T-HUB, Hyderabad.

Kalyan Karteek Sadasivuni, Founder – Click&pay
Kalyan Karteek. S is one of the board of directors of SOFFICE Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd. As a dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneur, he is skilled in implementing new ideas and motivating teams to perform at their best in providing excellent service and developing ongoing, profitable business relationships. He holds a bachelor degree in Electronics and communication engineering from JNTU, Kakinada and served for 3+years in Sulekha, one of the India’s largest and fastest growing digital business and consumer brands. Prior to SOFFICE Global Technologies, he founded Rent Fashions, an online fashion portal and has proved to be an expert at performing large enterprise
Angel Funded
Coverfox was founded in the year 2013, it’s a new insurance portal that allows a user to easily compare and buy policies from a range of products from all top insurance brands in one go. Using its proprietary technology and algorithm based platform, Users can compare and choose from a range of insurance plans across insurance companies, understand key features and buy policies instantly and safely. Once bought, it handholds and helps them through the tedious claims process.

Coverfox is an online platform that sells insurance policies from across top insurance players in a quick and easy manner. The company helps people make a confident decision for their insurance choices and after sales, they handhold the customers through all their insurance needs including the tedious the tedious claim process. We are an IRDAI licenced broking company and work on standard commission rates from all insurance players . Coverfox aims to target the urban males in the age group of 25-40 years, who are go getters, like taking the off beat path, looking for ways and hacks to outfox risk but view buying and managing insurance as a boring task. We aim to make it easy, quick and hasslefree for them, so they can get covered and get going!
Varun, 34 years has extensive and diverse experience in the insurance industry having worked in sales, ROI based marketing, and has built tech solutions for insurance companies, including Tata AIG and Franklin Templeton.

Prior to Coverfox, he has co-founded two firms Enser Communications and Glitterbug Technologies which have brought in good technology and practices to the Insurance Industry in India. Enser was set up in 2008 and was the fastest growing customer support and contact center for financial services firms and grew to 500 people within two years of its inception. Glitterbug is a technology services firm and has serviced top insurance brands including ICICI Prudential, HDFC Life and Aviva to integrate their online business with core applications and cloud based voice record storage, management and retrieval.

Varun is passionate about technology, consumer internet and financial services. He is a graduate of MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad) where he pursued the flagship course in communication management with a specialisation in Brand Management.

Devendra, 33 years, graduated from IIT Mumbai in 2005 with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Aerospace engg. He started his entrepreneurial career as the co-founder of ‘Innovations Unified’ which was the winner of “Eureka”, Asia’s biggest Business plan competition. The business was centered around a proprietary nanotechnology which he developed as a part of his thesis.

Prior to Coverfox, he has co-founded two companies, one specializing in user experience design and the other providing technology services to the Financial and Insurance domain.

He has worked with many tech startups at various stages. He is experienced in conceptualizing appropriate Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for startups as well as enterprises. He has managed globally distributed projects and teams, and has a pragmatic understanding of developing products in such environments. With his valuable experience in large scale consumer and enterprise platforms, he understands scalability of an evolving product as it goes from being an MVP to a successful product.
Venture Capital
Fin-Street Consultancy
This is a concept to help investor to get their money back

This is a concept to help investor to get their money back which they or their forefathers have invested knowingly or unknowingly in Equity, Debt, Provident Funds and Mutual funds.
Deepak Kumar Jain
Sumit Kumar Jain
Devesh Jain
Rahul Jain
Fineela is a Online Marketplace for Financial products

Fineela is a Financial Aggregator and a Online Marketplace for Financial Products in India.
Helping Indian Consumers Save Money and Time by providing the best customized rate quotes on loans, Credit Cards and Financial products like insurance policies, Housing Loans, Mortage Loans, Personal loans and credit card offers.
#26, STEP Building, JSSATE, C-20/1, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
FinTechLabs is automating basic functions in financial services

Fintechlabs is set to automate basic functions in the financial services so make them more accessible to people. Our first product is Robo-Underwriter which takes documents like bank statements, credit bureau report, etc as input and after converting and process the data it gives digital data points such as average account balance, monthly income, present monthly expense, etc. which can directly be fed into the propriety algorithm of lending companies.Our Bank Statements Analysis Engine can also be used by Law/IB firms to do due diligence and by Accountants to reconcile bank statements with accounting books.
Vishal Sahu – 8 years of experience with 5 in building various Fintech platforms (P2P Lending, Robo advisory, Currency exchange, loan comparison) from scratch for various European Ventures. Prior to Fintechlabs, he co-founded and served as CTO of a crowd financing platform in Europe
Vipul Rawal – 5 years of experience as business development head and chief marketing officer for an EduTech & a FoodTech Startup Prior to Fintechlabs, he co-founded and served as CEO of a desserts marketplace called BakeryBite
, ,
A-4/B, 1st Floor, Rishi Tech Park, Near Unitech, New Town, Kolkata-700156, West Bengal, India is one of the leading online insurance market places in India, where customers can compare & buy insurance policy instantly. GIBL.IN has tie up with more than 25 Insurers in the country and also has integration on mobile providing seamless transaction. has brought an intuitive web and mobile platform to enable customers to make their own decisions for policy buying, through a tech guided and personalized process. GIBL isn’t only an aggregator, it has a broking license from Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority as well.

The product curates quotes from over 25 insurance providers across segments, and allows users to review them as per their requirement. Additionally, understanding the need to present documents repeatedly to redeem or renew policies, the mobile app in particular acts as a policy vault to store all policies, claim history etc.

The company claims to have tied up with insurance firms to give a better price to its customers, with an option to buy policies instantly without uploading their documents.
Mr. Subir Mukherjee founded, which has now become one of the leading brands in the insurance sector in India & climbing the stairs of success with a quiet possibility. It is worth to mention that, Mr.Mukherjee’s dream child Gibl is the first ever insurance provider in India that has brought online commercial vehicle insurance. This is no doubt a revolutionary step in the field of Indian insurance.

You can see Mr. Subir Mukherjee’s profile here
“i2i Funding

SF – 27, Wave Silver Tower,

Opposite Sector-18 Metro Station,

Sector – 18 , Noida

Uttar Pradesh , 201301″
i2ifunding is an online marketplace connecting borrowers looking for unsecured personal loans and investors looking for alternative investment opportunities is an online market place for unsecured loans where a borrower posts his loan requirement and multiple investors fund the loan project. The personal loan can be used for multiple purposes which include purchase of consumer durable, debt consolidation (i.e. repayment of credit card debt etc.), medical expenses, education expenses, Marriage expenses etc.

The entire process is transparent, quick and easy. Once the borrower is registered and have shared his documents then we perform the credit risk evaluation using our proprietary credit risk model to evaluate risk. Based on this a benchmark interest rate is assigned to borrower below which borrower cannot post his loan request.
Vaibhav Pandey, Neha Aggarwal
+91- 971 742 0307
Simply Grow Technologies, 4th Floor,
Above State Bank of India, ENR Complex,
Sun City, Hyderabad – 500086.
Jama helps invest in Direct Mutual Funds. Investor’s money grows at 30%-40% better Regular MFs in long run.

Jama helps you grow your money faster, investing in the best direct mutual funds. It selects across hundreds of funds. Not only selection, the entire end-to-end transaction and KYC is paperless and online! Investing is so easy with just a few taps (one-time or Systematic Investment Plan – SIP)

You make 30%-40% more than regular plans in long run, by cutting out commission. Otherwise these annual & “small” 1%-1.5% commissions do NOT give you compounded growth.

Jama has full transparency, no hidden charges. Since no one else pays us, we have no bias and select the best funds. We work only for you!

*What is included in the Registration*
The mobile app, access to web app with same registration. You can select the right fund and invest in seconds. The dashboard makes tracking your portfolio super easy! Our technology is better than the regular advisor.

*What else is included*
The main offerings in the app are:
– SmartDeposits (liquid mutual funds) – Earn 2x more than Bank deposit!
– WealthBuilder (diversified equity funds) – Grow money for long term goals
– Tax Saver (ELSS funds) – Save Income Tax in Section 80C and cut out 4%-6% commission
We also offer Balanced Funds and Gold Funds for interested users.

*How can brokers make MORE than you*
They take 1% or more as commission from your mutual fund investments. Every year. And upfront commissions of upto 1.5%. Result: Your final profit after inflation could be lesser than the broker’s commission! After taxes, even lesser!

These commissions when compounded over 20 years mean that upto 30%-40% of your TOTAL maturity amount is taken away by the brokers.

Will you let your accountant charge 40 % of your income for filling out your tax return? Or your doctor take 30% of your life savings for doing a surgery?

The commissions are taken out DAILY and are accounted in the NAV published daily. So the sooner you MIGRATE to DIRECT MUTUAL FUNDS, the better!

*Who are these brokers*
Anyone who takes commission from the Mutual Fund is a broker. This includes ‘advisors’, ‘IFAs’, online apps like ICICI Direct, Fisdom, Aditya Birla Money, FundsIndia, Scripbox etc.

Banks are also brokers as they also sell Mutual Funds in a big way and pocket the commissions. If you get an electronic Consolidated Account Statement (e-CAS) from NSDL you can see the commissions going from your investment account.

* Jama is absolutely SAFE*
Your money is safe and invested in large reputed mutual funds. The investment amount reaches the Mutual Fund directly via Net Banking or Auto Debit. Jama NEVER touches your money.

Withdraw anytime at touch of button. Only you can withdraw your money and it comes directly to your bank account.

* Jama is your App based Online Advisor*
Jama helps with taxes and sends you year end Capital Gains Reports. We also re-balance your funds to benefit from market movements.

* Jama is Automatic*
You can set up SIPs to automate investments. App can scan your bank account for idle balances and prompt to place Smart-Deposits. Your money “works” for you longer!

* Jama is Fast & Simple*
We are using their decades of experience in the Finance & Tech industries to make investments simpler. Less data to enter! And hey, you can use your fav social id.

* Jama is Secure & Private*
We use 2048-bit tech to encrypt all transactions and customer information. The mobile app has a private PIN. Your password is secure; even we can’t read it.

* Is Jama free? How does Jama survive then*
Jama has no hidden charges. Usage is FREE upto Rs 50,000 portfolio.

Subscription plan starts at just Rs 41 per month for UNLIMITED usage and expanded fund selection. Complete *paisa vasool* as additional profit YOU earn is much much more!

Premium plan has more features such as risk profiling and personalised fund selection, tracking your investments and market alerts.

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Ram Kalyan Medury
Kaptri Corporate Services Private Limited (
428, ITC Building, Majuragate, Ring Road is online platform which facilitates peer to peer lending in India which connects trustworthy and reliable borrowers who needs funds at lower rate of interest with lenders who want to invest money for high returns. is an online market place for unsecured loans where a borrower posts his loan requirement and multiple investors fund the loan project. The personal loan/Business Loan can be used for multiple purposes which include medical expenses, education expenses, Marriage expenses Business Expansion etc.
The entire process is transparent, quick and easy. Once the borrower is registered and have shared his documents then we perform the credit risk evaluation using our proprietary credit risk model to evaluate risk. Based on this a benchmark interest rate is assigned to borrower below which borrower cannot post his loan request.

room2shop online private limited
Avdhesh Tripathi – 14 years experience with Banking & finance with ICICI Bank and HDFC bank where involved all the process of Banking & lending Policy & Process.
MBA – Finance
Prakash Kaptan – 15 years working for Banking & NBFC Companies leading technology, Process & policy of Funding
M.Com – Accounting & Auditing

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