Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO

Outsourced CMO
Outsourced CMO
A only platform where Startups / SME / SMB / MSME can hire senior experienced 20+ years experienced marketing professionals at 1/4th of the industry standard salary

Today, specialist skills are needed for every function in an enterprise- whether it is operations, sales, marketing or even HR. Outsourcing jobs to a skilled professionals helps free up resources for core jobs, while ensuring a far higher level of skill for the task at hand.

This helps in many ways- scaling up faster, at a much lesser cost with much better quality output ,is the major advantage of outsourcing.
“Outsourced CMO” steps in to this specialized role – that of your CMO. Cutting the costs of a senior, skilled resource’s salary and providing equal if not better skills, we have the capacity to take on the operations of your entire marketing division. It’s a much better option than going through the pains of hiring, motivating & retaining an expensive senior marketing resource.

While this role may be misunderstood as another agency or a consultant contract, it is distinctly different.
We work just like a regular marketing manager for any company with the same KRAs, as for a full time resource. The added advantage is the skill, knowledge and deep experience of the founder of the “Outsourced CMO’, which ensures delivery of an impactful marketing strategy backed by more than 2 decades of marketing & communication experience.

Besides giving a considerable cost benefit compared to a full time marketing resource, this model works on plug n play model wherein the concept can be integrated with the company’s existing marketing objective at any point of time, without any changes in the structure.

The practicality and efficiency of the Outsourced model has been proven by successful integrations in eight different companies across varied verticals, over just over 4 years of being in business!.

Outsourcing CMO position is smart business sense.

Founder – Vineet Arya

Whitefield Main Road , Bangalore
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