UK based IoT startup Letstrack is a revolutionary App to App and App to Device solution that goes way beyond just ‘whereabouts’ but also helps you gather quality information that can help you strategize, plan, manage and optimize things you do in your everyday life.

Letstrack is a cutting-edge futuristic, progressive and intuitive app and device combination, which will help you in improving safety & security, enhance happiness, reduce worry and concern in all walks of your life.

Knowing the ‘Whereabouts’ of your lovedones and things we own & valuehave had the

most calming effect on us, ever since the beginning of our civilisation. Over the centuries,

humankind has made multiple small and big leaps towards accessing this information with


Welcome to the quantum leap, Introducing Letstrack, a revolutionary App to App and App

to Device solution that goes way beyond just ‘whereabouts’ but also helps you gather

quality information that can help you strategize, plan, manage and optimisethings you do in

your everyday life. Reaching Bus stop of your son only when his school bus is about to

arrive; knowing whereabouts and wellbeing of your daughterwhile she is out during the day

between her School, Tennis coaching, Art Class and home; planning and managing your

office teams’ better for higher profitability; protecting your car from car theft and misuse by

drivers; leveraging from your Cars’ weekly and daily reports to save fuel, chatting while

tracking with your loved ones, sharing geo-tagged selfies and pictures with your friends or

on social media are just those top of the few features that will change the way you do things

in your life.And all of this on your command, in your hand, round the clock, at flick of your

finger, right on your smartphone.

Started and based at Stratford, East London UK, with a vision to make our society safer,

happier and more productive, Letstrack announces launch of its App and Devices in India for

B2C and B2B consumption that will change the way we do things in our everyday lives.

Reshaping and reorienting utility of Internet and technology (IOT) to next level, Letstrack

provides analysed and crystallised practical, quality information served on our Smartphones,

Web Browsers and Emails in forms of push notifications, updates, reports and live

feedsthrough easy to understand info-graphics and text for everyday consumption so as to

benefit from it with ease. Women and Child Safety, Automobile safety and optimisation,

Team and Fleet Management are few of the top concerns that will get immediate benefit,

support and application from Letstrack App and Devices solutions. Letstrack Kiddo, Letstrack

Personal Tracker, Letstrack Bike Series, Letstrack Basic+ and Letstrack Prima are few of the

key Devices, which are available at prominent online portals, neighbourhood Mobile &

Accessories Stores and big Electronic & Gadget Retail Chains. Packed and backed

withExtended Brand Promise Card, No Hidden Cost, Free of Cost Doorstep Installation, 12

Months of No Data Rental, elaborate Video Tutorials and 24X7 efficient Customer Support;

Letstrack is guaranteed to surprise consumer with multiple offers and benefits and set forth

few new yardsticks and benchmarks for the industry to follow.

Letstrack Safety, Happiness and Productivity!!

A pragmatic and a positive man, Vikram Kumar is the MD of Letstrak, with over 18 years experience in setting up businesses ranging from a telecom consultancy, software development and establishing national distributing at various retail chains. He is a graduate in Economics and did his MBA from Punjab Technical University.
His latest venture is Letstrak, a real time instant messaging and tracking app created with a purpose to provide security, safety and increase productivity. His vision as the managing director for this kind of tracking app that caters to everyone and can be easily customized to suit all the needs of a person, is to lead it into newer markets globally, creating a wave of change in the way tracking apps are viewed around the world.
Other then Letstrak, Vikram has a large input in the day to day running to his existing companies Prima Business Solutions – a software and web designing company and Mpay Global – a web based retailer portal covering whole of the UK. Before this he was responsible for the set up of Lebara Mobile in the UK.
He loves to watch sports or ongoing through his mobile and read small articles. For his leisure time, he spends time with his kids, do what they do and learn the way they do.
Vikram believes that everyone has the power to make a difference. His way is doing something, which makes others world Safer, Secure and more Productive.
He excels in market insight, recruitment and management, commercial understanding and marketing communications. He is an Effective presenter, a great negotiator and an amazing relationship manager with distributors, wholesalers and retailers.


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