InTouchApp is the smarter way to manage your phonebook – ensuring you have access to the right contact at the right time. We help millions of users around the world manage billions of contacts better!

The way we store and share contact information is broken today. We see contact info everywhere (hoardings, biz cards, advertisements, etc) but it is not available when and where we need it – on the mobile phones or in our email client’s address-book. We come across people and businesses daily, but don’t have a way to share contact info quickly and securely. We use more channels of communication than ever before, but we don’t have a way to share IDs for each of those channels effectively.

Our phonebooks and other address-books are always out of date, incomplete, out of sync across our devices, and hardly backed up. The primary reason for this is that we manually manage the contact information of all our contacts ourselves. This we believe is a fundamentally broken model of contact management.

Our solution completely eliminates contact management and gives access to the same contact information (as shared with you by your contacts) across all the devices you use, without any effort on the your end. InTouchApp is a cloud and mobile based solution that allows people and businesses to securely maintain and share their contact information. Just update your contact info in one place and all your contacts and customers automatically see the updates directly in their mobile’s phonebooks. Conversely, your address book is always up-to-date since it is being managed by the contacts themselves. The auto updating address book is always at your fingertips – visible directly in the native address books across the devices, software and services you use such as your mobile or an online/offline email client.

We’re coming up with new features in the next two weeks, to make InTouchApp more than just a contact, transfer and backup app.
Sarang Lakare, Founder and CEO: PhD, CS, StoneBrook University, NYC and former Sr. Staff Scientists at Siemens Healthcare.
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