Startup review of the movie Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro

Lessons for startups form the latest Movie Mohenjo Daro

 Last week Ashutosh Gowariker’s movie Mohenjadaro hit the screens with a bang. Much awaited movie of the year starring Bollywood Heart throb ‘Hrithik Roshan’. Made on the back drop of the world’s oldest civilization set in Mohenjo Daro of the Indus Valley civilization. Debutant Pooja Hegde, veteran actor Kabir Bedi, talented Arunoday Singh, Nitish Bardwaj, Manish Chaudhary, all played the character’s to the expectations. There is a mixed response from the Audience once the movie hit the screen this week. Movie didn’t prove to be the perfect comeback for the duo of Ashutosh and Hrithik, yet is doing good so far in the circles.

Mohenjo Daro Serving Different items on a single platter

The lesson one can draw up for an early startup from the movie is that, though the movie titled and created on the backdrop of historical event of Mohenjo Daro; the trading capital of Indus valley civilization, has nothing to do with the civilization and is completely brewed around the imagination of the Director. It all starts with Hrithik an indigo farmer, who lost his parents at a very young age and is fostered by his aunt and uncle. Later moves to the city of Mohenjo Daro and falls in love with Pooja Hegde, picks up a fight with the tyrant Kabir Bedi of the town and then goes on a mission to save the people of Mohenjo Daro. Though there is no historical backing to the story just the imagination and brewed love story drives the story and another fascinating feature is the costumes which acts as a platform to promote the ethnic wear and costumes used in the movie. Startups can just check about the way Ashutosh went forward with the limited resources and promoted both the movie and as well as the costumes, serving different dishes on the same platter. It’s just the cognitive thinking that can bring about the small idea to cater the big needs in earning revenues to the startup.

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