Pink – The way it should be for women entrepreneurs


Women entrepreneurs can learn from the movie Pink

Pink’ released last week received good reception both from the critics and audience. Tapsee Pannu, the protagonist and Amitabh Bachan in the supporting role have done exceptionally well in the movie. The movie revolves around the simple concept of women and their place in the modern society. No matter how advanced we are there still exists atrocities on women, yet they should come up with a fight to counter it, rather than to succumb to it. Over the years we have seen how women entrepreneurs have intervened into the fray and have dominated the Business arena. Women need to be strong and come up with the social stigma and prove their mettle.

For women entrepreneurs this story has something to offer, here are few points that can infer from the movie to transfuse inspiration into their blood.

Come up with Ideas of Entrepreneurship:

Tapsee stays with her friends as an independent working woman and leads a life on her own. Women its time that they live on their own, look for ways to fund their thoughts and turn it into big businesses. Over the year’s women entrepreneurs like Indira Nooyi Of Pepsi Co., Chanda Kocchar Of ICICI have shown that they can topple the tables when it comes to business.

Don’t say yes when you want to say no:

Certain guys try to take undue advantage of Tapsee under the influence of Alchohol, but she refrains and hits the guy hard. Women should not chary away when it is time to say no to whatever they feel is intimidating their position in any situation.

The law in India is for women:

No matter how strong they try to malign Tapsee Pannu in the movie but the Law system in India is so strong that a weak lawyer like Amitabh could defend and bring justice to her. Women need not stay back with the consequences of atrocities at a workplace or in conducting business, as law always enforces itself to secure women in India.

Never back off from fighting:

Tapsee is very badly inducted into cases but her wits and strong and bold attitude help her fight the injustice and earn respect for her in the society. Gone are the days where women had no voice, now society is giving equal weightage to the voice of the women. So Ladies need not back off from competing with men in any field instead go ahead and claim their right.

Well, these are few points aimed to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and encourage the women to come up with startups which do not gender biased.

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