MS Dhoni the untold story! A hero India is proud about

MS Dhoni

Sushant Singh Rajput-starrer ‘MS Dhoni. The Untold Story’ has finally made a century and is showing no signs of slowing down. The film entered the Rs. 100 crore club in nine days and earned over Rs. 5 crores on the tenth day. The film, released on September 30, is said to be Sushant’s best film and the box office collections is a big proof of the same.

To create a true, full-blooded biopic, filmmakers need a free-hand: MS Dhoni The Untold Story, which claims to give us Mahendra Singh Dhoni Uncut, is much more generous with details from his childhood and his days of the struggle than from his blazing tenure as star wicketkeeper-batsman-captain of the Indian cricket team.

The result, with the exception of a few interesting bits and pieces, is bland and predictable. The over-long film cherry-picks the details it wants to serve us, skirting all gray areas and controversies: there are no smart nose-digs, only ingratiating bouquets; only hurrahs (the critique is so muted that we can barely hear it), and loud background music which is used to drum up emotion and drama.

What is the message that startups can look for from MS Dhoni?

Lesson # 1 – Taking up any opportunity that comes thy way. MS Dhoni wanted to be a football player but later changed his decision on the advice of people around him and took over the job of wicket-keeper in cricket and became a star overnight.

Lesson#2 – Making the most of the available opportunity. When given a chance to play for the national team he left no stone unturned to grab the attention of the national selectors.

Lesson # 3 – Taking the leadership with authority. We can’t sell a product unless we believe in the product. The same thing happened with MS Dhoni who kept the faith in the team and went ahead way forward winning accolades for India in Cricket.

Lesson # 4 – Backing the young and talented players, Dhoni made it easier for the young players in the team to adapt themselves to the team and be prolific in the team.

These are few lessons that startups can take as an inspiring note from the movie MS Dhoni to go way forward and establish their empires in Business, just as Dhoni did it cricket. Read latest startup stories.

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