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Startup review of Jr. NTR Janatha Garage

The latest release of Jr.NTR Janatha Garage is breaking all records at the box office undoubtedly. The movie is based on a garage which is a startup started by the hero of the film Jr.NTR. And as a nature enthusiast he does not confine to the running of the garage but spreads across a step further to make a mark on the society around. Koratala Siva, the director of the movie has modeled the movie to give a sensible message in a more attractive way.  Here are few points from the movie that young startups can draw up into their systems.

Look for the nature around us

Startups these days are stressing a lot on clean technology, something even the movie stressed their point on. With the environment around worst affected because of different hazards around us. There is a need to come up with technologies that really make a difference on the environment. In the movie Jr. NTR lays emphasis on the nature and in protecting it.

Building up customer relationship

Having a large customer base is not enough but building up a good customer relation is important. Because customers are the backbone of any business so a solid relation with them means a very good business.  In the movie as the garage owner Jr. NTR strives to get connected to the customers’ by knowing them, doing his part in solving their problems though it is not his business to do so.

Startup as a family

There should be an environment to work as a family. Not a mere business entity the startup should function as a family unit with different tasks allocated to the right persons in the family. Understanding everyone’s strengths and weaknesses is part of the family strategy. Jr. NTR in the movie runs the garage with friends whom he can relate to as family for a healthy working environment.

Not a profit motive but with a motto to build business

A startup comes up with one person’s idea, which when shared with others form a group, and goes ahead as a unit. So, never the motive of profit should come into play in a startup as that disrupts the whole setup of startup. Even in the movie Jr. NTR runs the startup as a means to earn his livelihood along with doing the possible good he can to the society.

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