Logistics startup Xpressbees will shutdown soon ?

I ordered some products from HealthKart on October 14th. My order had 8 items and it was shipped on 18th October through Xpressbees. Since I live in a metropolitan city it typically takes 2-3 days for the courier to deliver the product. But here is the shocker; I received it after 8 days i.e. on 26th October. Read Healthkart sends a stone to their customer.

Just last month HealthKart sends a stone instead of Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein. Their team assured me that logistics partner eKart was being investigated. So this time when I placed an order at HealthKart I was little sceptical if ill receive my products or a stone. On 18th October I received good news saying that the product were sent through Xpressbees. This turned out to be a disaster! I get a message on 20th October saying that my home/office was closed. This was surprising since my wife did not take afternoon nap only so that she does not miss the courier. My security never saw Xpressbees courier come to my place.

I called up Xpressbees immediately asking them for an explanation, they said they will send it as soon as possible. On 25th 5pm Xpressbees courier dude finally appears on my doorstep to inform us that he will deliver the products post 7pm. On 25th I get a message from HeathKart saying that they have delivered the products through Xpressbees at my place. I was shocked because I did not receive them. Immediately I called up HealthKart and Xpressbees to raise a complaint. HealthKart was on heir toes and assured me that the products will be delivered soon and they will update me the status at the end of the day. On the other hand Xpressbees customer care executive said that they will raise a complaint and look into it. HealthKart called back and said that they will deliver the products on 26th but Xpressbees did not send me any updates. Below image shows tracking of my products ordered.

Xpressbees have to fix these issues ASAP  

Xpressbees have to fix their technology so that they can send tracking information on real time. They have $20M investor funds but it doesn’t look like they are investing in processes and technology. They should also look into improving their customer service and equip them with better technologies so that they can better assist customers. Google review of this startup is 1.2 with 233 customer feedbacks, most of them saying that this startup provides bad service. Amitava Saha, CEO should look into this issue because there are many competitors in logistics and bad reviews can shut down this service. Amitava Saha also founded FirstCry and has $125M investor fund to spend. I have a baby on the way and planned to use FirstCry for ordering baby products. With my experience of Xpressbees I will surely stay away from FirstCry too. HealthKart please look for another courier partner. Read Startup News.

Logistics startup Xpressbees will shutdown soon ?


  1. Gagan

    April 10, 2018 at 3:55 pm

    Unfortunately even today, 1.5 yrs since your article, xpressbees continues to provide poor services!

  2. Mukesh Jain

    October 4, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Agree with you ..I claimed a warranty from Boats(Imagine Marketing). They arranged a pickup for me though xpressbees. Xpress bees didnt pickup my earphone for 15 days! After repeated calls and numerous tickets, Finally someone picked.

    After the warranty claim, Boats sent me a replacement product, again via xpressbees. This time also, xpressbees updated the status as(Delivered), but It was never received by me or my family. No one ever came. I have cctc installed in my society. I have sent them 15 emails and lots of customer care calls, but they are still saying that the investigation is going on for last one week. I am really frustrated and tired of this bad bad service.

    AWB No. – 1385118209795

    They wrongly updated the status as Shipment Delivered. They are frauds.


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