Top game streaming platforms in India

India is known for gaming and has produced strong gamers. Video game live streaming is an activity performed online where games present themselves to the audience. This gaming practice became popular in the mid-2010s and was majorly played on US-based sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and many others. A user can go for live gaming on a platform and here is a list of top live game streaming areas that a passionate gamer should know. If you are a game streamer you should read how to earn money with game streaming

  1. Twitch- For gamers and other lifestyle casters, Twitch is a live-streaming network that promotes creating communities around a common and streamable interest. Through sharing their screen with fans and subscribers who can listen and watch them live, Twitch streamers “broadcast” the gameplay. The best feature is the platform is free to use. It offers premium versions that remove ads and gives more features. Twitch now offers a wide range of features that includes music, sports, talk shows, travel, and food for live and recorded broadcasts.
  2. Smashcast- Smashcast is a live streaming gaming network that enables you to expand your Independence relationship to live streaming sites. To access the platform, a user needs to create an account. Then hit ‘Go Live’. The platform is a global leader in game streaming and eSports. It has a very appealing color scheme and has extensive features for video categorization that will allow you to catalog your favorite clips into ‘public’, ‘private,’ and ‘adult only.’
  3. YouTube – YouTube’s video game streaming network might not be the most glamorous streaming website out there, but its beauty does appear to lay in its accessibility and ease of use. Also, the content it delivers is amazing, and the app supports 4 K resolution videos at frame rates of 60 fps. Multiple gaming channels are available on YouTube for live game streaming such as Jacksepticeye, Vanoss Gaming, The Red Brad, IGN, FGTeeV (Family Gaming YouTuber), Game Grumps, SteveTheGamer55, Typical Gamer, and many more.
  4. GosuGamers– GosuGamers is another global gaming platform that focuses on competitive gaming life. It is a premium eSports portal. 
  5. HitBox- The HitBox user interface is much the same as that of most rival subscription services for video games, but it comes in a fine color scheme. Users can quickly scan here for their favorite images, and streams can be divided into collections that are private, public, and adult only. This live gaming platform is free to use and the interface is quite attractive and easy to use. All a player need is a high-performance system to live stream videos.
  6. Beam- This website delivers the slickest templates for video streaming needs and works through the viewing period as smooth as honey. Every month, Beam attracts over 100,000 new and interesting viewers and its membership is growing very rapidly.
  7. Azubu- Azubu is a well-organized platform for live streaming that focuses on esports. The content quality is good. To raise the viewer count, numerous streaming experts are collaborating with Azubu. Streams are well coordinated on this platform and fans can quickly find the popular streamers for their favorite sports.
  8. Bigo Live- Bigo Live is the fastest growing live gaming platform that has gained much limelight. The new update came with enhanced support for all rich features so that the needs for game broadcasting can be met with ease. It will encourage users to communicate directly with the Bingo Live community and this platform’s video streaming is ideally bridged to bring people together.
  9. Afreeca- Afreeca is a well-managed platform which will function with all your needs with live streaming. It is popular with most experienced streamers and helps with the quick live streaming of video content for an amazing performance.
  10. Disco Melee- Disco Melee is a popular website for social media, streaming, and gaming. The website provides viewers with quick viewing choices and you would not find it cluttered with a lot of pointless things. For millions of streamers, it operates as a one-stop-shop, and its culture is filled with active users.
Top game streaming platforms in India
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