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FiveAI in the race with Google & Tesla

The race between two giants wasn’t only enough and FiveAI says hi to the two trying to take the lead. As we knew, the cutting-edge technology in the transportation is the driverless car engineering and manufacturing. Google and Tesla are already in the race to make driving no more a worry.

About FiveAI

FiveAI, an English startup founded last year based in UK with a focus to make the world’s reliable autonomous vehicle software stack using the amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Their startup is the mix of some big-time technologies like Machine Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Software and AI.

Going into the technical outline of the firm, using multiple sensors, advanced computer vision with profound neural networks which define their perception, predicting the future which define their behaviour modelling and planning the motion according to the above parameters is what their technical interface is about.

Prime Investments

No wonder FiveAI has got prime investors in the market and hence able to take the race up to tech giants. Amadeus Capital Partners, Spring Partners, Notion Capital have strengthened the roots of FiveAI. Raised upto $2.7Mn, it has capitalised better and could take the battle with giants on the list.

The Difference

It was simple, they viewed it in a different perspective and arrived with a different solution. Although, they took a different route, they ended up in the field with Google & Tesla competing out.

They have coupled all the sensors to a Central Computer which processes and is capable of machine learning i.e., taking the info from the surroundings and acting according to it. Sensor technology will be at its best as it senses everything including the road, pavement, signboards, neighbouring vehicles, pedestrians etc. and takes up the action resembling the human action to the same situation.

Google’s auto-pilot had to carry heavy data which involves a 3D images of roads with no traffic and then it tries to take the drive. Coming to Tesla, its autopilot doesn’t give complete autonomy to the vehicle but needs a human to control it at times.

On these cons of the two, FiveAI’s CTO, Steve Allpress says, “Invariably humans do not always pay attention when they should. We want to get to the point where you can de-couple the human from the vehicle.

These two barriers have been overcome by FiveAI by taking a different route.

When a remote UK based startup could take over two tech giants with a different route, it shouldn’t be surprising when one takes a different route and still finds success than the most successful firms. There is no usual road to success; definitely not the route which every successful firm takes.

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