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Suresh Nanda, Chairman of The Claridges Group of Hotels shares his strategic growth vision

suresh nanda

“Never be a conformist when it comes to business, but have a distinguished style of conducting business. For me, an essential business part was relationship building. Not only in the military, this approach worked wonders for me even in the civilian world as well.” – Suresh Nanda, Chairman of The Claridges Group of Hotels.

A man with a long-term business vision, a unique approach and sheer perseverance— Suresh Nanda is an entrepreneur and hotelier who has made an illustrious presence in the commercial as well as hospitality space.

Suresh Nanda has always been a leader and comes across as a man who always knew what he wanted in life. Knowing that it is not enough to have a vision, he has been able to rope everyone in the process of his vision building, and that has helped him achieve success in multi-faceted endeavours. 

Starting his career in the military, Suresh Nanda served the Indian Navy for 15 years before he realized his calling for the corporate sector. He worked for several major ventures in India, Europe and the Middle East. Throughout his career, Nanda learned to harness his greatest strengths and use them to become a catalyst for positive change.

Nanda has earned much acclamation for his corporate ventures, after which he steered towards the hospitality industry to serve the clients better. With his debut in the hotel industry in 2003, Suresh Nanda was brimming with the passion for making a name in the hospitality sector. He began his career with arranging the acquisition of the Claridges Group of Hotels.

In spite of not having any hotel expertise, he worked relentlessly to turn around the rundown hotel to achieve industry respect and recognition as the best known colonial hotel in the capital, unsurpassed and unmatched in one of the best locations in Delhi. 

With a long-term vision and a meaningful hospitality philosophy, he has led the Claridges Group to become one of the most iconic luxury hotels in the city. The hotel is known for its welcoming atmosphere, courteous and professional staff, lavish accommodation and a number of fine-dine options.

Being a hotelier aiming international growth, Suresh Nanda looks forward to form strategic bonds to widen the country’s horizons for fruitful collaborations. His recent association with the Taj Group has paved the way for new marvels, such as the Taj Dubai, one of the city’s iconic sights and structures.“As for The Claridges Group of Hotels, we look for opportunities in our own inimitable ways; carve out our own paths, but the bottom-line for gauging success remains unanimously the same, which is being genuine, remarkable, and worth connecting with,” says Suresh Nanda.


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