Digital interaction with Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder, ExportersIndia.com

Currently thanks to World Wide Web the world has become a small place for doing business. This week we interacted with Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder of ExportersIndia.com. This is a Delhi-based company that offers a trusted platform to sellers and buyers to interact and provide certain paid services to facilitate better placement, exposure, or response. He started this company in 1997 when the internet just surfaced in India.

About Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder & Director – ExportersIndia.com

A B.Com graduate and ICWA certified professional, Sunil believes in leading by example. He is credited with creating a diverse ecosystem that binds the ExportersIndia.com team under his single vision and motivation, viz. utilizing the power of the Internet to establish a connection in the B2B segment.

1) In late 90’s internet was expensive and not many people were using the web. How did you market your services?

We have always used internet as a medium along with the word of mouth transfer of information from the satisfied clientele. In fact our initial achievements were that most of the business was from references of our clients and this chain continues till date.

2) In 90’s startup culture was not at all famous, how did you run this business to success without any investors?

We were able to not only jump start this venture but also chug along in the very dark phase of IT going kaput post the dot-com bubble only due to sheer determination to keep going on the chosen path to make this dream of virtual reality come true.

It was the vision to change the way business was carried out and we have been by far successful. We started as a small set-up of 3 people and continued with a handful of people who with their dedication helped us tide over the unfavourable phases and turned the table around to keep us on top.

The strong support from the family is something that can’t be missed.

 3) Who is your role model, are you better than him/her?

I strongly believe that no single person can be a role model since perfection is a rare virtue. I have always tried to imbibe the striking qualities of various people I have come across, met, read about aiming to become a better entrepreneur, better employer and a better person as a whole.

 4) Where do you see Exporters India 10 years from now?

As a one-stop solutions provider for all SMEs and a place of maximum genuine leads to SMEs in order to get maximum ROI in our online memberships. Read Indian Startup News.

 5) Do you think human resource plays a vital role in success of the company?

Human resource is the key to success of the company. We owe this success to our team where each member has contributed in their own ways. They are skilled, dedicated and very creative. We have placed great care in selection of these employees who then become an integral part of the Weblink family.

 6) Any advice to startups who want to venture into this industry?

It’s easy to start and harder to persist. So the key to starting is a heady mix of planning and risk taking. You are only as good as your team so choose your people wisely and don’t let failures weigh you down or successes set you soaring.

7) Did you have a mentor when you first started out in 1997?

It was a bunch of like-minded individuals who started to work with me on this venture and we learnt from the various available avenues and with information sharing and practical implementation we gradually improved and surged ahead. Read more CEO Interviews.

Digital interaction with Sunil Kumar Gupta, Founder, ExportersIndia.com
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rajkumar Richard

    October 23, 2018 at 6:32 am

    http://Www.exportersindia.com a B2B team of frauds!!!Don’t do it! It is the worst experience I ever had. I invested over rs120,000 form Indian exporters for some macaw eggs and incubators. They call you every month saying now you need this and that and ask you for money.they even asked for export fee for shipment within the same country. I was even extorted early on saying that if I didn’t pay the delay airport charges, they would not deliver my order. All the promises were complete lies. I had so much money invested into it, I felt I couldn’t walk away so would give in thinking maybe this time it would work. I feel I need to warn every single person I can. I tried to work with management and they would not guarantee services or refund me. I wish I could sue the pants off of them but have no idea being that this is an overseas company. I hope you heed this warning or it’s going to be a very long and difficult transaction for you. Good luck.

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