Startup with a virtual team, Mokriya gets acquired by Nagarro

Mokriya Inc announced yesterday that it has been acquired by Nagarro Inc. They are a software development company based out of California and they craft smart, beautiful software for mobile, IoT, and beyond. What made them successful is the team that is across the globe.

The best of minds come together to build software products tells the CEO of Mokriya, Sunil Kanderi. When I asked them for a team picture, they said that their team is actually spread across the globe. This caught my attention is to how they are able to run a company that actually has a virtual team. Their business model has been proved by acquiring clients like Google, Twitter, Intel, AT&T, Verizon, SanDisk, Salesforce, Estee Lauder, and many more.

They have been bootstrapped till this date with zero outside capital. Sunil further says “Becoming part of the Nagarro team allows us to massively expand on our vision: Building great software by small, nimble teams comprised of the best software craftsmen and women across the globe.”

When asked about their plans “The Nagarro team shares our vision and has been known for their enterprise agile approach, which brings the best software development practices to Fortune 500 companies. Because of our shared vision to build great software and our compatible company cultures,  it’s clear to us that becoming part of Nagarro is the best choice for both our clients and our employees. We will continue to deliver the software excellence that we are known for, with the added scale that Nagarro provides.”

Mokriya will still continue to do the good work of crafting software for small and large enterprises under the umbrella of Nagarro. Nagarro’s CEO, Manas Fuloria, calls Mokriya its Silicon Valley outpost. Team IndianCEO wishes all the best to the team ! Read more Indian Startup News.

Startup with a virtual team, Mokriya gets acquired by Nagarro
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