Two wheeler servicing startup DrivoJoy partners with Shell

Do you want to service your two wheeler? Do you want the service to be done cheaply and effectively? Worry no more! This Indian two – wheeler servicing startup called, DrivoJoy, services your two – wheeler at your doorstep or wherever you require! DrivoJoy is one India’s first two – wheeler servicing startup and it has tied up with the world’s largest lubricant manufacturer, Shell. The two companies, through their alliance, aim to bring about changes to the two – wheeler servicing industry in India, by providing the best services and products at the customers’ doorsteps. This will make the two wheeler service industry in India reliable, convenient and affordable. This will also be the first time, the lubricants giant, Shell; will be entering into the two – wheeler servicing industry. Read more on Partnerships

Through this partnership, DrivoJoy will be able to provide its customers with high – end lubricants and other necessary products from Shell. In return, Shell will provide situation – based training to DrivoJoy’s mechanics and help them respond to engine breakdowns in a timely fashion (within 90 minutes). DrivoJoy will also help Shell in expanding its digital footprints by communicating to its customers about Shell being their exclusive lubricants partner across their website, app and other digital platforms. This move is expected to increase the sale of lubricants and other products from Shell. Shell and DrivoJoy will also be involved in cross promotional activities for brand awareness and engagement.

DrivoJoy was founded in August, 2015. It is currently servicing over one thousand bikes per month and is witnessing an increase of 30% in its customer base every month. The company has so far served over eight thousand customers since its inception. Shell is globally established lubricants brand. It has maintained an excellent service record for over seventy years! It has invested a lot on R&D to improve the quality of its products and services delivered to its customers.

The partnership between Shell and DrivoJoy is an excellent example of a partnership between an established company and an innovative startup. DrivoJoy can benefit from the technical expertise and the large funds available with Shell while Shell can improve the sale of its products and services through the digital marketing provided by DrivoJoy. There can be no doubt that both the companies will benefit through their partnership. The services provided by DrivoJoy can be termed as ‘the need of the hour’ as far as a populous country like India is concerned. With the IT boom, a lot of people in India have purchased two – wheelers to make every day commute. They would definitely want to service their two – wheelers often to keep the engine smooth and running. Sometimes, engine breakdowns happen in the middle of the road and until now, people had found it difficult to drag their two wheelers all the way upto a servicing center and get it repaired. Very few servicing centers send their mechanics to the spot the customer is in. The fact that DrivoJoy sends its mechanics to the customer’s doorstep or location within 90 minutes is something people will find very convenient and will appreciate. The government of India should promote innovative startups like DrivoJoy and partnerships like the one between Shell and DrivoJoy. Read more on Startup News

Two wheeler servicing startup DrivoJoy partners with Shell
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