Sri Ram Chowdary

Studpreneur Sri Ram Chowdary transforming agriculture

Sri Ram Chowdary, alumni of Vignan Univeristy is transforming the agriculture using organic farming. He is the founder of go village which is fulfilling the dreams of many farmers.

Starting from his Btech first year Sri Ram Chowdary was a deep thinker and problem solver. Always had many ideas in mind to do something, change the methods and bring some changes in the society for an effective way of living. With an idea to help and contribute to society, Sri Ram started to find out the problems that are faced by farmers and animals nearby Vignan University. He used to interact with farmers and tried to solve their problems. In his Btech third year, he started working on animal husbandry to feed cattle but he could not implement his idea and he failed in that.

Without losing his spirit, to getting motivated Sri Ram Chowdary used to read to many inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are changing the world. When Sri Ram met a doctor named Murali Krishna he told that there are many problems in agriculture, Sri Ram then started to explore and find out the problems farmers face. In his journey, he felt very sad when a farmer is investing huge amount of chemicals and he was unable to make profits. Then Sri Ram aimed and decided to do something to the farmers where they can get profits with fewer investments.

To help and see happiness in the eyes of farmers, Sri Ram with the help of biotechnology students in the college and with the management support, started creating bio fertilizers and kept a vermi compost and bio gas pit. Farmers did not show any interest in encouraging what Sri Ram is doing, everyone feared that it may affect the output of the farm. Sri Ram without losing his confidence he took a small piece of land on lease and started farming with 5 varieties of   crops . He used to create natural fertilizers using cow dung, cow urine and vermi compost pit. For the first time, the crop did not yield much. Without quitting the process Sri Ram met many resource persons & took suggestions from many people and started the same process rectifying the mistakes. For the second time, the crops yield was 100% with 50% less investment that former.

Sri Ram sent the crops directly to reliance stores nearby and to university canteen. After one month all farmers gathered and college management kept an Agro Summit. Sri Ram presented the business model in the summit, many farmers and labor were surprised with the plan and was interested in join him.  Then he started “go village” . He never dreamt of starting his own startup, always wanted to help the needy.

Go village is now supplying fertilizers for 25 acres of land and helping in solving the agriculture problems as well . They are indeed helping the farmers in getting leads from the city and getting huge profits. Go village generates its revenue from capsicum and cucumber and selling it to top cities, said Sri Ram Chowdary. Go village is trying to expand to Telangana State regions soon.

“Never stop the things unless they are done, obstacles and failures may come in our journey, never quit, and nothing can stop you in reaching your dreams. Always stay focused” says Sri Ram Chowdary, founder Go village. Read more on Entrepreneurs.

Studpreneur Sri Ram Chowdary transforming agriculture
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