Reliance JIO free calls for life cannot pull me into their trap

reliance jio

Reliance JIO is offering free voice calls for life but it does not convince me to take their service

Big brother Mukesh Ambani launches his Reliance JIO 4G services in India after a successful test run with 1.5 Million customers. He is planning to acquire 100 Million customers in the shortest span of time with his offer of free voice calls for life.

I am not falling into this trap thanks to the amazing experience I had with younger brother Anil Ambani’s Reliance Mobile. One of the worst networks in Telangana (not very sure about other states, let’s stick to one for now), known for pathetic customer service and phone heating issues due to network bandwidth.

My decision to stick to my present telecom operator, Vodafone is based on 3 important people

  • RJ Shekar Basha – My favourite RJ on 92.7 Big FM (which is owned by Anil Ambani) told his audience that calls from Reliance mobile to other networks do not get connected in the first attempt. While calls made from Reliance to Reliance mobile gets connected. The reason being that reliance wants everyone to use their network only.
  • Jayadeep Reddy – A near and dear colleague of mine wrote his experience with Reliance Mobile couple of months back. This weighs a lot in my decision since I have seen him going around the new office not for serenity but for Reliance Network. There were days that he went out of the office onto the roads to get a signal.
  • Abhilash Venkipally – My best friend and a budding entrepreneur in steel has recently sent me a screen shot to show that 4G speeds of Airtel have increased thanks to their new competition, Reliance JIO.
Aitel 4G Speeds, image sent by Abhilash over Whatsapp

My decision to stay away from Reliance JIO

Keep all this in one side of my mind and the free voice calls for life with free 4G data till year end on the other side, was not a difficult decision to make. I would still stick to my existing telecom operator Vodafone, since thanks to Reliance JIO my operator will try to match them; meaning costs slightly higher than reliance but not at a lower service quality.

My brother in law wanted to try Reliance JIO. He ran to the store and found out that there were no sim cards left. He has to again check back in a day or two.

Free calls and data is a good offer but is it worth bad network and frequent calls drops??? Choice is yours.

Do post your comments and feedback of Reliance JIO. I really hope this telecom is not like its brother.




  1. Hitesh Barbhaya

    September 7, 2016 at 12:37 am

    You have compared with old operators that includes rcom..
    Old Operators have their system and technology for voice only data is bonus
    Every current operator are blamed for network coverage and charges by customer from every circle..
    U posted Airtel speed of 4G and mentioned 3G..
    Instead of opposing new operator see the effect of pricing and services in next week..
    I think you have fear of changing to new technology

    Just try its free period and post your own experience
    don’t judge on others views

  2. Syed

    September 7, 2016 at 1:14 pm

    Vodafone is also pathetic frequent signal drops but better than other networks not included reliance jio because it’s there start and will get to know later how well they do so I’ll also stay away but will buy if reviews are good after 5_6 months

  3. Shyam

    September 9, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I fell into jio trap, bought jiofi device for Rs 1999/- one week back but the SIM still not even registered forget activation. Now really regret it, even other customers are experiencing same issue see twitter @JioCare. Completely hopeless and helpless situation ….

    • Subash

      September 20, 2016 at 6:40 pm

      You are absolutly right. The jio customer care and service is pathetic. I have subscribed with a jio number for 4g data but unfortunatly lost the device after 2 weeks of usage. I blocked the sim and get a new blank sim but that new blank sim is never activated and they buy time only. I have passed a month but still same issue. I could not able to migrate Whatapps user.

      As my experince is realy bad.

  4. Mahipal Reddy

    December 12, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    Comparing Mukesh’s Jio with Anil’s Rcom is foolishness. What is the basis of your comparison. I agree, there was a huge disappointment from Rcom. That doesnt mean Jio’s will be like that.
    i am currently using Jio and its working far better than Vodafone. From a customer perspective, its a welcome step from Mukesh Ambani. Try using Jio and test for a few days if you do not like it leave it, you can always switch to other providers. Nobody is asking you to sign a bond and stick to Jio. Thanks.

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