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7 reasons why you must consider working in a start up at the beginning of your career

The starting days of your career require a lot of grilling. As the job marketing is becoming demanding being on toes and equipping yourself with competencies that would aid in competing in the job market is highly essential. The companies are looking for the best. Hence, to gather more experience we suggest you work in a startup.

Do you want to know why?

  1. Multiple hats – When you admit in a startup team even though your designation suggests you perform task you would end up handling B, C and D too. This allows you to try out your hands on various areas as you discover where your real interest lies.
  1. More freedom – Do not get misled when we say ‘freedom’ since it certainly means exercising your creativity and taking responsibility. The short of manpower often allows you to become flexible and handle things in your own way. There is no one who would overlook at you hence you are free enough to deal it in your way.
  1. Acknowledgement and reorganization – Since you wear multiple hats in the organisation and get to handle responsibilities your efforts don’t curl up in the corner rather they are plenty highlighted. The acknowledgement one receives for the accomplishments are vital for the career growth in the years ahead.
  1. Innovation in environment – Startups these days are putting a lot of efforts in making their environment look attractive and creative. Even though the work pressure is there but it becomes manageable with the kind of innovative environment startups award to the employees.
  1. Progression – Witnessing the progress is a lot easier when it comes to starting up in comparison with a full-fledged corporate. Being a part of the startup in no time you can see yourself growing along with the organisation. The wide scope of growth is visible.
  1. Adjustments – Working in the startup during the initial years of your career means learning to adjust. Being most of the times stringent on their budgets you would soon begin to follow it in your life. You cannot expect extravaganza dinners or booze nights from a startup but what you would learn is manage the finance and make room for four when you can only fit in three.
  1. Belongs to you – The dedicate put hours would bear fruits and you wouldn’t be able to hold down your tears. You would see sales go up due to the latest advertising campaign you prepared or the cost of production coming down because of one simple suggestion you made. These achievements shall be collected in your experience making you move towards self-reliance.

If you are too fortunate to get the choice as to whether to pick a corporate or a start-up, we suggest you lean towards experience than a big fat paycheck. Your initial years of the career should be heavily dedicated towards learning and acquire a number of a set of skills. The skills that you would acquire initially shall help you in enhancing your work in the later stages of your career.

7 reasons why you must consider working in a start up at the beginning of your career
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