Ola Lux

Ola and BMW partner to launch Ola Lux

Ola and BMW announced their partnership to launch their premium fleet if service called Ola Lux. Now anyone can opt for BWM taxi to go around town. The base fare is set at Rs 250 and the price is Rs 20-22 per KM. Ola confirmed this news on its social media channels.

BMW is offering exclusive range3 series that Ola fleet can buy to provide this service. Full finance option, driver training will be provided. The premium service will give wifi onboard and a 5 start service to customers opting this segment service. Based on how this turns out, Ola will use other model of BMW in this service. The service is initially available in Delhi, Mumbai, and Benguluru only. Ola is free to use premium cars of other brand like Mercedes, the contract does not restrict them. Read more news on Ola.

Customer can book cars on hourly bases too. BMW is including their after sales packages in these cars. Uber too tried offering this service with premium cars but this was only to grab people attention. We have to wait and watch if Ola Lu is a publicity stunt! Read more News.

Ola and BMW partner to launch Ola Lux
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