New cyber threat in town – Ransomware


Hyderabad IT hub is infected by malicious software called Ransomware

Ransomware is making its way to the top by becoming the most lethal software than locks you out of your own system till their demanded random is paid. Hyderabad IT hub is being attacked by this malware.

The software has hit many IT companies in Hyderabad but the news was not made public. News going public will only damage the image and causes loss of valuable customers.

Technology is disrupting many industries says all the tech forums in the world. There is another industry that also got disrupted i.e. hacking. Ransomware enters through your application downloads in desktop, tab and smartphone. It then opens a communication channel from your device to the hacker. Thanks to the data connected world, your device is hijacked by the hacker and your personal data is downloaded by the hacker. The device is locked and the hacker needs to be compensated for retrieving your own data.

Personal data to some extend is easy to recover, what if critical work emails or compromising security files are being copied by the hacker? Cyber crime department is working on tracking the hacker responsible for this, but the hacker is using a double encrypted “tor” browsers and the location could not be tracked down.

E2 labs, the only Security Company and academy in the city reported more than 10 such cases. And in each case ransom of Rs 2-3Cr was asked. IT tech firm would rather pay the ransom than going to cyber crime department and taking the risk of this information going public.

Quick points on how this software can enter the system

  • When multiple apps are being downloaded
  • Through torrent downloads

Government of India has banned Torrent downloads, which to some extend will reduce the spread of this malware.

Be careful while visiting random sites to download movies or music since this is the main “adda” of ransomware. Even if you do visit such sites, make sure no personal data is kept on the system and the system is not synced with your cloud or mail.

Be cautious and stay secure!

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