Navi Mumbai property tax

Navi Mumbai property tax scam of Rs 900 Crore identified

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is known for its timely collection of taxes. Today it is going to be popular for Rs 900 crore Navi Mumbai property tax scam. Nearly  3,300 building owners have not been paying property tax since 10 years. NMMC officials have called for an internal department inquiry against former assessor and collector of property tax, P B Kulkarni.

The department was supposedly being sitting on property tax bills generated up to March 2016 of these building residents. Surprisingly 12,700 consumers’ details are missing from the system.   Times of India have reported this update. Read more on Startup scams.

Regarding this situation additional municipal commissioner Ankush Chavan  said “The consumers who till date didn’t receive bills are now being provided with a copy that includes existing dues as well as arrears too. The dues are to be paid by March. Simultaneously, an inquiry is underway to look into the discrepancies.”

These 3,300 properties were land under construction category during the first bill generation. Later multi storied buildings were constructed and the tax rates have gone up. Officials on NMMC said that NOC from the property tax department was need to construct. Also other certificates like commencement certificates and occupational certificate would be needed for construction. This means that multiple department were involved in this.

The department is investigating this case. Rs 900 crore is not a small amount in today’s time. Citizens are paying property tax so that the government can better run the state/country. Skipping tax is a crime. A senior official of the property tax department is leading a lavish lifestyle and having high end cars has been identified. Very soon more details into this situation will come out. Read Startup News.

Navi Mumbai property tax scam of Rs 900 Crore identified
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