MSkills founder brings healthcare closer to home

The founder of MSkills, B Santosh Kumar is on a mission to bring health care closer to home. He deals with a unique healthcare product that gives his customers the freedom to call a medical doctor at any time and at any place. We went ahead and asked him what motivated him to get into this industry, the response was amazing.

B Santosh Kumar

Santosh started off his career as a medical representative where he got tons of knowledge on how pharma industry works. Post that he worked with companies like ICICI and HDFC dealing with life insurance only. His pharma background helped him get an edge over his colleagues. Within   3 years he climbed the ladder up thrice, which is quite rare with how competition increased in corporate jobs. During this journey he realized that corporates are in need of resource like him and that’s when he quit his corporate lifestyle to start MSkills. His industry knowledge, experience, network helped him put human resources into the right position at the right time. Presently he is catering his services to clients like Apollo, ICICI, HDFC, and more.

During all these activities Santosh was also running a Pharma Distribution company in Karimnagar, Telangana, so that he further puts his pharma experience to commercial use. A decade of Human Resource, Pharma Business made him realize the pain point in healthcare industry. The pain was getting good quality healthcare service at home. He said that healthcare will always be in demand and people consider health more valuable to wealth. To solve this Santosh started corporate and retail on demand healthcare services through Zozz. Each of his customers will be now entitled to receive this unique health card.

Zozz health cards allow customers the benefit of doctor visits all year long. Adding to this is home diagnostic services. Santosh did test the waters of home healthcare services at many events. Recently he displayed Zozz services at Health Expo Hyderabad, conducted from 4-6th November. He received great response that adds up to 300 B2B inquiries and enough leads to make his Business Development team busy for couple of months.  India needs more entrepreneurs like Santosh who are in the business of solving society problems. Read more Healthcare News.

MSkills founder brings healthcare closer to home
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