Mahesh Murthy criticized

Investor Mahesh Murthy criticized by his follower for sharing political views on LinkedIn

Mahesh Murthy off late has being using business and employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn to express his political views. Post 8th November effect, Mahesh Murthy has been constantly opposing Demonetization and yesterday one of his followers wrote a status saying Mahesh is spoiling LinkedIn experience with his political views.

Himanshu Mody, Founder and CEO of Tekno Point Multimedia India Pvt. Ltd, Co-founder of CloudThat Technologies Pvt Ltd wrote the below as his statues on LinkedIn.

“Unfollowed Mahesh Murthy. Sick of his infuriating political posts that always distract spoiling the Linkedin Experience. He Supposedly owns a digital agency but does not know LinkedIn is not for political posturing. Good riddance to start 2017.”

Mahesh replied to this saying “it’s no place for brainless bhakts either :-)” meaning “it’s no place for brainless followers either :-)”

Seeing Mahesh’s social media posting, we know that this investor is in Coratia on a family trip, but he does use social media wherever he goes. Mahesh’s reply caused a ripple in LinkedIn and many people replied to Mahesh’s comment on Himanshu’s status. Few of them side Himanshu and few of them side Mahesh. It has become a debate between pro and anti Mahesh followers.

Maheh Murthy and Vani Kola are one of the most social media active investors in Indian Startup Ecosystem. While Vani Kola is sharing useful information to startups on her LinkedIn, Mahesh Murthy is sharing his political views.

Himanshu does have a point here; there are numerous social media platforms that talk about political views. For instance, Facebook too is used as a tool to express political views. There is a platform called Voteran that has people sharing political views. LinkedIn advertisement solutions are expensive because of the experience it provides to professionals. Sharing political views will definitely spoil the experience. Followers are an asset and Mahesh could have used more subtle words over aggressive words. Read the LinkedIn post @

Investor Mahesh Murthy criticized by his follower for sharing political views on LinkedIn
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