Loksatta event celebrates startups in presence of Paytm VP

Popular Marathi daily Loksatta has organized a two-day event titled Parv Startup Che, which loosely translates to ‘celebrating startups’. This event, which was conducted on November 29th and 30th, is under the overall banner, Badalta Maharashtra. This event was organized to persuade more people, especially the youth, to enter the ever-growing world of startups.The conclave was kicked off by an inaugural speech by Loksatta, Mr. Girish Kuber

On the first session of the first day, participants of Amche Startup Che Diwas, which means ‘our first startup day’, the event participants narrated their experience on how they coped in the field. An important topic discussed by the participants, which included names like, Mihir Karkare, Utsav Khare and Shrikrishna Bharanbe, was pattern of funding, and spoke at length about seed capital, venture capital and crowd funding. Other speakers spoke about various pertinent topics, like how to mobilize funds and channel them successfully, which were discussed by Shailesh Ghorpade and Satish Kataria. Ravi Tyagi also informed about the government aspects in start-ups.

Abhishek Arun, co-founder and vice president of Paytm, who had also been one of the speakers, had an interesting take on startups. He suggested that startups should be more concerned about what they should not do, rather than what they should be doing. He said,” What we want to do is not the real issue. What is more important is to know what we should not do. This is the aspect every new entrepreneur setting up start-ups has to be mindful of. We may have solutions to all the problems in the world, but we have to cater to the requirement of the customers in the arena we have chosen.” According to Arun, “The Paytm success is because of its commitment and services to the customers, which has earned goodwill.” Lack of services in spite of a huge financial network led to the concept of Paytm. Read more on Paytm

The role of the government in any potential rise in the startup industry was also spoken about. It was acknowledged that the process of rebuilding startups can be challenging without proper private and public fundraising organizations. The conclusion was that this could be a major cause for failure of certain startups. Proper discussion must be held in the parliament and laws must be created wherever there is a need, while upholding existing ones.Various such sessions will take place on the second day and the entire event will conclude on the second day with an address from the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. This article was written by our blogger, Ravikiran Ramakrishnan. Read more on Startup News

Loksatta event celebrates startups in presence of Paytm VP
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