This Indian Startup Claims to be First AI related health network

In this smart age, health must be our first priority which we are surely missing out of it. We need to have strong medical connections which may help us out in any health related emergency situations. HealthMir claims to be the answer for it.

Gurugram-based Health network startup HealthMir is a platform that provides health content, knowledge and experience sharing at the center of their engagement engine to enable holistic health condition management, through better Decision Support Ecosystem, for getting Healthcare Services and Solutions. Not only we interact with health service providers but also we get health support package and

Gain Knowledge regarding the diseases for better living.

Founded in 2015 by three IIT and IIM graduates, Mr. Abhash Kumar, Mr. Gitesh Gupta and Mr. Rohit Gupta. The operations run under the leadership of Dr. Praneet Kumar, Ex-director Fortis Healthcare and Ex-CEO Radiant Lifecare Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Vijay Srivastava, executive director-HR at TNS Global-Kantar and Mr. Chetan Kejriwal, Associate Director, BigFour.

HealthMir not only provides quality healthcare service providers but also take care of the complete health cycle of a consumer. They also improve the need of connecting with health users and provides the highly personalized content ecosystem with all the information which the user need about diseases like their symptoms, treatment, diagnosis and much more.

Speaking about HealthMir Dr. Praneet Kumar said “In my experience of around four decades, I have seen the Indian Healthcare landscape evolve from a simple medical care delivery arena to a high technology driven and assisted sector including information technology (IT). What has, though remained still unfulfilled, is the empowerment of the community in arriving at considered decisions regarding their health, wellness and treatment.”

The CEO, Abash Kumar speaks “ Healthmir with a strong community structure of users and experts supported by a content discovery framework built around groups and channels try to solve the dual problem of anxiety and lack of empathy. Once the user has all these facilities to support his understanding then it becomes easier for the person to locate credible consultation and health packages to support and improve the health condition in a faster, convenient and more assured manner.” Read more Indian Startup News

This Indian Startup Claims to be First AI related health network
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