Grofers gets legal notice for revoking job offers


20 students are taking the legal route to get justice for their revoked job offers by Grofers

Grofers is getting bad publicity from its recent move of revoking job offers of 67 students from institutes all over India. This is not good news for Indian startup ecosystem.

Students packed their bags and moved to Gurgaon on 27th June but got intimation about the revoke on 30th June from the HR. The reason behind the revoke was due to market conditions. Grofers shut down in 9 cities and kept lot of other job offer hanging. This is purely because they were burning more oil than they could make money. Unlike the IIM-A students 20 among the 67 collectively took this initiative to use legal action against Grofers.

Myadvo  is handling this case and said “The last date to reply to the legal notice sent to Grofers is this Friday. However, they have not taken any step and have not replied to the notice yet. Also, there has been no response to students calls and emails. Plus, Grofers has also turned its face from giving the earlier compensation offered to the students. The students are now in a fix and have no option other than to adopt the legal route”.

Couple of months back Flipkart deferred job offers of IIM-A students and was on the verge of being blacklisted by IIMs. IIT has blacklisted 6 startups from their campus placement. Such moves by startups have embedded fear into students mind. Students from prestigious institutes have a dead weight on their back post called education loan. This loan needs to be repaid as soon as they graduate. When they opt to join startups, it’s for the sole reason to grow their career along with the startup and simultaneous pay off their loan.

Students in campus placements are not allowed to attend other company interview once they accept a job offer. In this scenario the student is doomed when his/her job offer gets deferred or revoked.

TinyOwl fired people before getting acquired by Roadrunnr. Grofers cut down their staff by 10% and now this move, do you think Grofers is also planning to get acquired?

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