My Friend cancelled his wedding because of Donald Trump

Last week’s shocking executive decision by US president Donald Trump to stop immigration from 7 Muslim countries and extreme vetting for few others would have impacted life of many with American dreams.

Down at Washington DC, while the protesters continue to demonstrate against their president, My Indian friend Sharath(Name Changed) staying 50 miles away is broken down with cancelled wedding and trying to figure out the way forward.  You might wonder what he has to do with Immigration ban as it has noting to do with Indian NRI’s. Here is what he said during our telephone conversation.

“Jay while the decision is impacting Muslim countries, I see that the aim is towards all the immigrants and I fear that I will not be able to return back to US if I come to India for my wedding and I will be holed up in immigration department with denied Re entry. That gives me no choice but to indefinitely cancel my wedding”

This definitely hurts both the bride and groom families as they planned to celebrate the event in a big way. Most of the vendors are already paid as the wedding was slated early next month.

This might not be the case just with Sharath but many other Indians with work permit fear the same. While notion of Trump “American Jobs for American People”  might be soothing gesture for many fellow Americans but  the impact will be reasonably high for techies traveling to US to build their American dream. This will not just Impact one nation, but all the nations together in one or the other way.The biggest impact will be felt at Silicon Valley where companies will  not be able to acquire right tech talent.

India accounts to majority of tech immigrants in US and only time and actions of Trump and other global leaders will decide their fate.  For now I am deeply saddened by my friends cancelled wedding and I am sure there are many out there like this who fear to come back to their homeland.

My Friend cancelled his wedding because of Donald Trump
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