Health and fitness startup MobieFit raises funding

MobieFit is a health and fitness startup co-founded by actress and fitness advocate, Gul Panag. The startup announced yesterday (28/11/2017) that it has secured US $1.35 million (Rs. 8.7 crores) in Pre Series round of funding from the Dubai – based VC firm, NB Ventures. The healthcare and data management company, MediAssist, is also reported to have participated in that round of funding. The startup will use the funds to upgrade its technology platform and expand its presence throughout the globe. Read more on Investments

MobieFit Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2015 by Gourav Jaswal, Shantanu Raghav, Pravar Peri and actress Gul Panag. The company owns and operates two health-based apps namely: MobieFit Run and MobieFit Body which offer tips on health, fitness, exercise, jogging, walking, yoga, etcetera.

“With the launch of its paid programs six months ago, MobieFit became the first fitness app from India to offer training programmes via in-app subscriptions”, Panag said.

So far both MobieFit Run and MobieFit Body have witnessed more than 750,000 downloads on mobile phones. The startup was incubated at the Goa-based incubation centre, Prototyze, which has incubated over a dozen startups including the digital lending startup, Seynse, the mobile-based SaaS training platform, HandyTrain and the transport technology startup, TempoGo.

The other healthcare startups that got funded this year (2017) include the healthcare startup, CrediHealth which secured US $1.5 million in Pre Series round of funding from the VC firm, Tolaram during April, this year. The healthcare startup, QorQI bagged an undisclosed amount of Pre Series funding from Paytm during April, this year. The healthcare startup, OXA raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from the UAE-based VC firm, Idein Ventures during March, this year. The healthcare startup, Celes Care raised US $1.5 million in Pre Series round of funding from Ventureast, Endiya PartnersEight Roads Ventures, F-Prime Capital Partners, Dr. Varaprasad Reddy and other preeminent investors during March, this year and the healthcare startup MobiDent secured an undisclosed amount in Pre Series funding from the New York-based venture capitalist firm, DanGold Investment Corp during January, this year (2017) just to name a few. Read more on Startup News

Health and fitness startup MobieFit raises funding
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