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Donald Trump talks with Modi. What can be expected?

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President of United Sates Mr.Donald Trump had a call with Indian Prime Minister Mr.Modi on Tuesday as a good will gesture and to enhance relationship with the powerful Asian Leader. Mr.Trump said the India has a true friend in the white house and both the countries are said to have discussed about counter terrorism efforts and dealing with Islamic terrorists.

What could have been possibly discussed apart from this?  

  1. Request Mr.Trump to pressurize Pakistan to stop terrorist activities.
  2.  Stop financial aid to Pakistan.
  3. Discuss about bilateral trade and new engagements.
  4. Discuss Nuclear co-operation and block Pakistan at UN security council.
  5. Discuss Immigration issues.
  6. Strategy approach towards china-pakistan friendship
  7. Deportation of David Hedley
  8. Approach towards Dawood Ibrahim and ISI

They might have discussed about protecting American Jobs without impacting trade and jobs between both the countries.

Donald Trump talks with Modi. What can be expected?
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