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Asia International Travel office is a fake recruitment firm

Asia International Travel officials Sandip Singh and Rajkumar Thakur are being hunted down by Goregaon police for duping 356 job applicants. Applicants paid Rs 40,000 to Rs 70,000 for travel and visa charges for a job waiting in Singapore. Applicant arrived at Mumbai airport on 21st December only to find out they got cheated. Read PC Technologies Scam.

The surprising part is that this travel agent gave an advertisement regarding potential job openings in Singapore.  The add specifies that a Singapore based company is looking to hire cooks, drivers, carpenters a site supervisor and domestic help. I have personally seen this kind of ads in our local news paper. I’m sure many people fell prey to these ads and lost money.

Recently my driver responded to an advertisement in our local newspaper stating that drivers are required in Saudi Arabia. The innocent guy quit his job near us, paid a hefty amount to a travel agent for arrangements to Saudi Arabia. Upon arrival, he never got to see a car. His passport was taken by his sponsor and he was made to work at a construction site. 1 year post that he came back and shared his experience.

Lower Middle class and the poor fall prey to such fraudsters, only to make some quick bucks. In Asia International Travel case too, the victims were middle class and poor from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. As per the police report the job applicant was youth and most of them took loans only to get their dream job in Singapore. Read more on Startup Scams.

Asia International Travel office is a fake recruitment firm
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