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Arnab Goswami plans to induce ‘fear of media’

Arnab Goswami had quit Times Now to start his own media channel called ‘Republic’, which would concentrate on news in the Asia – Pacific region.  He had attended the 2017 Under 25 summit in Bengaluru on Sunday (8/1/2017). While addressing the summit, he said, “In this country, if you don’t scream and yell then nobody gives a damn”. This comment of his drew loud applause from the audience. They clearly agreed with Arnab Goswami. Arnab Goswami had attended the summit to rally support for his yet – to – be – launched news channel, Republic. Read more on Mr. Goswami

The audience shouted “Republic”, when he asked them what the name of his news channel would be. Arnab Goswami had criticized his critics and other news channels in India for not focusing on the ‘rape incident’ which happened in Bengaluru on New Year’s day and choosing instead to concentrate on the family feud which is happening in UP. He added that the media had ‘lost judgment’ on what is right and what is wrong. “For ten years, in Lutyens’ Delhi, I have seen the decay and near demise of this beautiful profession of journalism that has been compromised beyond belief”, he told the ecstatic crowd. “You and I together will save Indian journalism from the influence of Lutyens’ Delhi. Take journalism outside Delhi. Take it to Pune, to Guwahati, to Bengaluru, to Mumbai but the national capital. They are so compromised, so co-opted they have no right to represent the people”, Arnab added, in his signature high pitch.

“You know what has happened in Bengaluru recently”, he asked, raising his voice. “Yes”, shouted back the crowd. “I am seething. I am restless. I have not missed being on air as much as I missed during these past few days. I have been feeling at the bottom of my heart and at the pit of my stomach an irresistible fury when I think of the comments made by the minister. Where is the media of the country? What do they find interesting? People ask me why I am launching the Republic channel? That is why”, Arnab said. He said that the Republic was a ‘movement’ and not merely a channel. Arnab also brought up the issue of the Common Wealth Games. “On December 27, 2016, the scam accused Suresh Kalmadi was appointed as the life president of the Indian Olympic Association. Why is the media quiet about this? What’s happened to the media in the last few months (referring to the time since he resigned from Times Now)”, Arnab said.

“The fear of media has gone, and we will bring back the fear”, Arnab added.

It is heartening to hear that Arnab Goswami wants to cover sensitive issues like rapes and other social issues on his news channel, Republic. However, when Arnab Goswami was working for Times Now, he became notorious for shouting loudly, sometimes, not allowing others to talk and being opinionated at times. Hopefully this trait of his will not be shown in his news channel, Republic, to allow a more effective discussion. Let’s all hope for the best! Read more on Startup News

Arnab Goswami plans to induce ‘fear of media’
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