Actress and Entrepreneur Pranitha Subhash reveals her strategy on growth

Pranitha Subhash is best known as an actress, but she’s long been a businesswoman as well — and it should come as no surprise her business investments revolve around way of life brands that create enthusiasm.

The Actress- Entrepreneur announced today that her investment venture ‘BootLegger’, Bengaluru’s popular water hole has opened its second 7000 square foot outlet in the city of Bengaluru. She had acquired stake in this venture in 2015. While Pranitha Subhash’s acting career is getting bigger, her business is growing as well.  “I am very prudent and thoughtful about how fast my acting career and my investments in business of scale portfolio grows.” The young actress says.

“Growth is stimulating, it’s necessary, but I am really thoughtful about the ways that are meaningful and actually connect to the people around me, my fans and consumers who follow my brands,” she said. We are keen to grow the ‘BootLegger’ within Bangalore and introduce the brand in Hyderabad soon.

What set Bootlegger apart are its uncomplicated interiors which make it the classic vintage pub. Our place is very informal and that’s why we get steady flow of customers’ right through the day. That apart, in our category we offer a fantastic F&B ambience at irresistible price. The actress added.

Talking about her movies and the characters that she chooses to play she says “I like different types of scripts that leaves lasting impact in the minds of my audience in cinemas and in my brand consumers,” said Pranitha.

The actress has starred in 20 + growing number of films in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada opposite the biggest stars in the South of India. Currently the actress is busy shooting for her next film.

Talking about her future entrepreneurial plans Pranitha said “We are launching a restaurant called “Sahn” with Mediterranean cuisine in a couple of months in addition to another Bootlegger in South Bangalore by end of this year or early next year. We have also chalked out plans to venture into other cities starting from Hyderabad.”  This growth will be funded by internal accruals and financial institution funding. We have pretty much on tap access to capital and a very strong balance sheet, Pranitha has great interests in hospitality business.

Actress and Entrepreneur Pranitha Subhash reveals her strategy on growth
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