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99% of Majors in India have Aadhar Cards

Aadhar Cards have become the most important thing in India. Everything related to our living essentials are linked to Aadhar Card. Everything in the country related to identity, business and educations are interlinked with the unique identification number of the card.

At its first stage, Aadhar card was just used as digital identification for the Citizen of the country. As time passed, the government used the Aadhar network  to ensure that individuals who require assistance and benefits, gain access to the resources directly, eliminating the need for middleman. By linking to Aadhar Network we can access all essential government services and benefits schemes of the Aadhar network. A centralized database is created through which it can be distributed and keep track of the various schemes and programmes of government that runs along with the beneficiaries.

There are more than 111 crores of Aadhar enrolments done till date. 99% of the citizens enrolled to Aadhar are aged more than 18 years. Aadhar card enrollments between March 2014 and May 2014 was 3-4 Lakhs per day and it went around to 5-6 lakhs per day in October 2016. Since demonetization, the Aadhar enrolment and update request have been 7-8 lakhs per day. On total 4.47 crores of new bank account using Aadhar card and 38.51crores accounts have been linked to Aadhar Card.

The government was nudging the banks to encourage merchants to use Aadhar Pay services, which is a payment gateway named Aadhar-enabled Payment System (AEPS). The main objective was to encourage the cashless society in order to kill the black-money of the country.

IT Minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad said “Under the government led by PM Narendra Modi, it has become a powerful tool of financial and future transformation. Aadhar card is also becoming a powerful instrument to bridge country’s digital divide.”

After the demonetization, Digital India is driving towards the cash-less economy. Aadhar Cards is all set to change online payment methods. The customers don’t need their cards, pins, passwords or mobile as they can make the transaction with thumb impressions.

To run all these, government introduced BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) application which interlinked with Aadhar Card details. The ministers said around 118 Banks were connected with AEPS and around Rs 33.87 Crores of transactions were made using the platform. The rumours were spread about the security of the application was not up to the mark. But somehow BHIM haven’t faced issues regarding the security. Read more Startup news.

99% of Majors in India have Aadhar Cards
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