4th CEO of TCS Takes charge; Will he live up to expectations?

Rajesh Gopinathan has taken charge of CEO position of India’s largest IT service provider Tata Consultancy Services. The ex-CEO, N. Chandrasekaran will now act as Chairman of TATA Pvt Ltd.

India’s largest IT service provider with revenue of $16.5 Billion will be now under the supervision of Rajesh Gopinathan. He will face different types of difficult scenarios in the market where automation and artificial intelligence are disrupting traditional service segments. While other companies are reworking on their business models to survive in the market, it will be interesting to see how Mr. Rajesh will lead TCS ahead.

Remembering his journey in TCS, Mr. Rajesh said: “16 years ago, when I started my career with TCS, the Internet browser was changing the world and TCSers were helping companies prepare for eBusiness. Today close to 3.8 lakh-plus TCSers are doing pioneering work to transform global firms for the Digital Age. TCS is today the most powerful brand in global IT services, growing fast with a 12 per cent CAGR over the last five years.” After taking the position of CEO, Mr. Rajesh passed a letter to all the fellow employees of TCS addressing his new role in the firm.

Pareek Jain from HFS research- A leading analyst authority of global research said “The positive aspect of this change at TCS is that N Chandrasekaran, chairman of TCS, will be around. So the strategy direction and commitments made to the clients continue. Gopinathan is a good choice in the given environment. How people will take a CFO becoming a CEO only time will tell.”

IndianCEO congratulates Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan on his new position and hope to take the firm to new heights and take India on top of charts in the IT Industry. Read more TCS news.

4th CEO of TCS Takes charge; Will he live up to expectations?
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