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Was 2016 a good year for Startups ?

Lots of updates for 2016, but was 2016 a good year for startups? How will 2017 be for startups? What will be the trends in 2017? Should anything be fixed in the New Year? We contacted 2 startups and an established business owner to know their thoughts on this New Year.

Vinamra Pandiya, CEO & Founder, “2016 was a reminder of how wrathful nature can get if you meddle a lot with it. With more companies promoting natural products, I feel 2017 will be an year of more awareness and adaptability for handmade & products where people buy local and consume local. There will be a slow but steady shift towards non mass produced products with focus on products that are sustainable in nature. The last six months have been good and insightful for us & helped us firm our hypothesis. In the coming year, we wish to grow and at the same time be sustainable and profitable for our customers and partner sellers.”


Qtrove is a Bangalore based curated marketplace that exhibits & sells non-mass produced items from small entrepreneurs across the country. With an aim to release the shoppers from the ‘tyranny of choice’, Qtrove selects only the best products from exclusive sellers. From fresh bakery goods to hand made soaps, Qtrove brings only the choosiest products for its customers. These products are unique in nature and are not easily available across the online spectrum. They strictly follow a ‘no discount – no sale’ policy as opposed to the popular business model followed by other big ecommerce players to ensure their vendors get the best deal for their products.

Ashwani Rathore, Co-Founder & CEO, SpiderG: “2016 has been quite a dramatic year for the startup industry as a whole. The ecosystem which was lot more conducive to the startup culture in 2015 did not continue as expected. From funding point of view 2016 was a bad  year for startups. 2017 is expected to witness a good number of entrepreneurs entering the enterprise space. Government Initiatives like Startup India- Standup India, Introduction of GST  could see many startups entering the enterprise space since taxation rules would be a lot easier to understand and incorporate in the application. Due to demonetization and digital India initiative we would see more start-ups coming up with SaaS and FinTech  products targeting SMEs. 2017 will see rise of more B2B startups due to its potential of revenue and profit generation. Many tech startups will use web APIs (Application Program Interface) to connect and integrate their product or service with others. 2017 also looks promising for higher penetrations into tier 2 & 3 markets. At SpiderG we are continuously innovating and establishing networks and strengthening our back-end to effectively reach out to these markets.”

 About SpiderG:

SpiderG is a platform to connect SMEs to financial institutions like NBFCs and Banks for funding based on the transaction data generated by SMEs on SpiderG platform. SpiderG is a visibility solution tailor made for working capital management in small and medium enterprises. It acts as an easy book-keeping tool and provides SMEs real time visibility of all the current transactions with their customers and vendors.

Mr. Sachin Bhandari- CEO VTP Realty “Year 2016 saw some landmark policies by the central government, one being the passage of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) bill aimed at reviving consumer confidence by improving transparency and accountability & provisioning of funds for faster execution. Other policies which played an important role in this sector were GST Bills getting passed, relaxation in REITs and a lower interest rate regime. Additionally governments move to curb black money by banning Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in the latter half of 2016 is going to have a soothing effect on certain residential markets in the country. Though it would be difficult for anybody to gaze exact impact of the same.

Increased developments in cities like Pune (also a smart city nominee) with emerging affordable hubs, expansion of commercial sector and presence of IT/ITeS industries led to an influx of employees leading to more scope for residential real estate properties. Buyers demand was strongest for the low-to-mid priced segment. . This year also saw an increased demand for completed and near to completion projects. There is a greater prominence than ever on word-of-mouth information, including online reviews. Customers’ expectations of residential apartments have also changed rapidly and they are very well informed making 2016 a buyer’s year.

This year also witnessed a rise in the commercial real estate market with a greater demand of grade A office space. With the market improving drastically from 2015, and witnessing improvement in the second half of 2016, predictions say that 2017, will witness a rise in the realty market, making it a profitable year.

2016 has been year of conceptualizing change in real estate and we foresee 2017 to be the actual year of transformation coupled with spot in business.”

About VTP Realty:

A Pune based business conglomerate, VTP Group, a leader in construction material and construction, is a 30 year old trusted company having a pan Maharashtra presence. The Group has grown to become the 2nd largest distributor of cement in Maharashtra. Along with its journey in Construction Materials, the Group has also ventured into other avenues. Five years back, building on the strengths of the group, VTP started real-estate development as a forward integration company with VTP Realty.

Was 2016 a good year for Startups ?
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