1 Billion Yahoo accounts hacked in August 2013

Yahoo reveals to the press that they found evidence of someone hacking into their system and stealing 1 Billion Yahoo account details. The stolen information might have names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (using MD5) tells Yahoo’s chief information security officer Bob Lord. He further tells that the encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers might have also been stolen.

Yahoo is asking these 1 Billion users to change their passwords immediately.The hack is different from the 200 million accounts that have been hacked in 2012. Bad news is clinging onto Yahoo since a long time and her new 4 year old CEO Marissa Mayer is not able to pull Yahoo out of the drains. There are speculation that Verizon might ask for a 1 Billion discount in their acquisition of Yahoo. Verizon offered 4.8 Billion initially. Read more news on Yahoo.

The hackers have also been able to access Yahoo’s proprietary code that can be used to forge cookies. “The outside forensic experts have identified user accounts for which they believe forged cookies were taken or used. We are notifying the affected account holders, and have invalidated the forged cookies,” Lord said in a statement.

My first email id is with Yahoo, and it was a privilege to go to a cyber cafe and use my Yahoo email id. Yahoo is a popular brand and it could have gone to places that Google is currently in.  Not sure where Yahoo went wrong! Read more Technology News.

1 Billion Yahoo accounts hacked in August 2013
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