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Deocinch: A Fast-growing Local Discovery Platform for Homeowners to Connect with Interior Designers Online is a local discovery platform in the home décor and design industry. To say precisely in the words of CEO Ashrey Dhawan, “Decoinch is a celebration of all the things that the word ‘Home’ brings to mind.” It is a personalized home décor and design marketplace offering a merchandise of decorative looks and creative ideas for interior design from 80 designers and architects to make dreams of a beautiful home come true.

Ashrey Dhawan is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. He worked in consulting with the Bank of America following a stint at Aon Hewitt. Before he hit upon the idea of founding Decoinch, he joined the School of Inspired Leadership for a 2year post graduation course in business leadership, which he says made him understand the value of processes and how good programming / content goes a long way. Currently Ashrey designates the post of CEO for his startup Decoinch.

Like all other startups, Decoinch has a story to tell about what pushed its inception in 2014. Ashrey Dhawan developed the idea of founding an online marketplace in interior décor and design as a feasible solution for those homeowners and homemakers who flip though the pages of a few print magazines in quest of new, trendy, offbeat home décor ideas every month.

Decoinch was born out of the thought if the world of home décor and design was too small to exist beyond the pages of few print magazines. “Driven by innovation to challenge conventional norms, I took it up as an opportunity to help humble homeowners find amazing things for beautiful homes in the lanes and alleys, bazaars and streets of Delhi. Decoinch took shape as a magnifying glass to enable homemakers to discover creative things in the unexplored treasure of Delhi for interior décor,” said Ashrey Dhawan.

Survival is a big question for any startup in the dog-eat-dog world of competition. According to product development and marketing experts, product differentiation is a key to success. That is where the USP of Decoinch is hidden. Unlike other local discovery platforms, Decoinch is a dedicated portal in the home décor and design niche with sharp focus on rediscovery and reinvention of a new interior design world for today’s urbane homeowners, according to Ashrey Dhawan. Our target audience is 25 to 50 year olds from different walks of life and with different interests.

“Since we as a team believe in leveraging our potential, reinventing beauty of happy corners (our homes) and exploring the world of creative arts through consistent innovation, Decoinch is powered by a dynamic business model,” said founder Ashrey Dhawan.

Competition is inevitable! There is no escape from it. It is what keeps the wheel of innovation and development rolling on for survival and success. On being asked how Decoinch competes with other businesses in home décor & design, Ashrey Dhawan shared, “We compete directly with Dezignup and Zingyhomes and indirectly with a number of home décor startups like Urban Ladder, Livspace, Homelane, BedBathMore and Nestopia.”

“We are able to be competing with others on strength of our unique business model and it is different from that of such e-tailers as Urban Ladder, FabFurnish and Pepperfry which are mainly focused on selling furniture items online, while Livspace and Homelane have their own team of interior designer. In comparison to theirs, our approach is more holistic as we offer ‘do it yourself’ décor ideas to our target audience, help them discover newly opened interior stores, help them explore the merchandise of local bazaars, guide them with where to buy what and share home décor improvement secrets from designers as well as architects. We are not just an evolving marketplace for designs but also a fast-growing online community of interior designers, architects, decorators and contractors from across India. Decoinch connects homeowners with these professionals,” expounded Ashrey Dhawan in conversation with IndianCEO.

“Challenges were there. Challenges are there. Challenging the challenges which have come our way since before, during and after the inception of is the collecting strength of our team,” added Ashrey. Contractors often assume the role of designers in the unstructured and fragmented market, which often misguide homeowners and leave them baffled. Collecting unbiased information from reliable experts and disseminating the same to our target audience in a real-time environment was the biggest challenge which the team of Decoinch has overcome.
 “I spent over 18 months in curating home décor articles, home important tips, information on home design brands, details of interior design related events, reviews from end customers, etc. to build a database, and creating a platform for homeowners to connect with designers beyond the pages of print magazines. We as a team overcame the challenges through our shared passion and collective spirit as well as desire to excel,” said Ashrey Dhawan ebulliently.

Where has Decoinch reached since its inception in 2014? How is the growth? Founder Ashrey Dhawan responded that his startup registered a growth by 400% between September 2015 and February 2016 due to a strong marketing push. It touched a base of 33,000 unique monthly visitors in the beginning of this year. He thinks that they have a long way to go. It is just the beginning.

Without a vision or farsightedness or future plans, a startup cannot go far. In response to what his vision to scale the business is, Ashrey Dhawan shares:

“ is a bootstrapped company that primarily relies on advertising income. So we put out the content that is genuinely useful to design enthusiasts and designers as well as conducive to attract advertisers. Our focus is always on delivering a product that continuously adds value to our users’ choices. You’re going to see us coming out with an app soon. Another big focus for us will be closing the consumption loop. We’d like to make it easier for users to not just discover but also connect with experts.”

What is more important: an idea or its execution? On a closing note, Ashrey Dhawan said that a well executed mediocre strategy beats a poorly executed great strategy. Essentially, the idea is never the winner, execution is.

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