10 Highest paid Indian executives

indian executives

List of the 10 highest paid Indian executives working in top companies

Indian executive salary is on par with the executives paid in advanced countries. As per Press Trust of India the highest paid salary to an executive in a private sector company, 2 years back was Rs. 10 crores. This year the salary is becoming double. Below is the list of top 10 highest paid Indian executives.

  1. A. M. Naik – Executive Chairman of Larsen & Toubro. Tops this chart by receiving Rs 66.14 crores. indian executives
  2. Vishal Sikka – CEO of Infosys. Is on number two with annual compensation of Rs. 48.73 crores. I am guessing his recent letter of disappointment to the employees was because he could not top this chart.indian exectuives
  3. Desh Bandhu Gupta – Founder & Chairman of Lupin. Missed the second place with just Rs. 2 crores. His last year’s compensation was Rs.44.8 crores.                                                                                                                                          indian executives
  4. Sunil Mittal – Chairman of Bharti Airtel. Received a total remuneration of Rs. 27.8 crores. indian executives
  5. Rajiv Bajaj – Managing director of Bajaj Auto. Received Rs. 22.32 crores as salary.        indian executives
  6. S N Subrahmanyan – Deputy Managing Director and President at L&T. Was paid Rs. 22.12 crores.  
  7. Mukesh Ambani – Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries. Not very happy with this pay, especially when he is paying Rs. 70 lakhs per month towards electricity bill at his new residence. He received Rs. 15 crores. indian executives
  8. Sanjiv Mehta – CEO of Hindustan Unilever. Total remuneration was at Rs. 13.87 crores.
  9. T K Kurien – Vice Chairman of Wipro. Got Rs. 13.66 crores.                                                          indian executives
  10. Abidali Neemuchwala  – CEO of Wipro. Received Rs. 11.96 crores.                                              

Source – NDTV

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