10 thought provoking startups at Impact Chapter Hyderabad

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Various startups from ideas to actual revenue making applications were showcased at DHI Labs Impact Chapter event held from 13-14th April 2016. Among these extravagant ideas 10 startups caught our attention.


“Do you read promotional SMS that are delivered to your phone? “, this tagline made us stop at their booth. In the era of digitally connected world, promotional SMS have become less intriguing than ever. Founder & CEO, Prabhu says ” what if I could organize your SMS in a category of interest, would you download the app?” immediately I wanted to know more about this offering. Sunami app categorizes your SMS into categories such as bill payment with reminders, track relevant offers into 9 categories, tickets with information, and finally provides relevant logo for easy identification. A giant button with the most important role is given to us, for deleting spam and junk. All this can be easily customized with a touch of an app.


“I get a personal stylist who tells me what suits me based on my shape, complexion, and height?” a thought that came across after meeting Raj Parakh from Fabulyst. This three and a half month old app launched in Google play has tie ups with 100 e-commerce platforms and has around 18,000 likes on social media. This app not only suggests a style but also redirects to an e-commerce platform where you can buy such stylist clothes. The most exciting news was to know that this app can be used at free of cost.


Very bold startup that standardized pandit services cost, I decided to call the founders “Pandit Jis”. Their services can be used through a mobile app or a portal. They help people book pandit for rituals at home/office with required puja kit. They have around 1000 plus experience pandits for all Indian communities from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. The interesting part is that they serve to the NRI customers for conducting E-Puja through video conferencing solution.

Teleport Call

Virtual reality is what interests every investor in a world filled with e-commerce competition. Karthikeyan is all set with his teleportation app called Teleport call. It is a voice caller feature where a caller can be in a virtual land when on a call. VR mode will be enabled on both the ends to immerse the caller feel. They aim to become Skype for VR contents and be a world-class product. With just 2 weeks after the app launch in Google Play store, they have close to 4000 users from across the globe.


“Have many things to-do and no time for all, don’t worry, we run for you and we love spending our time on your task. We manage to get all your tasks done simultaneously ”says byrunnr team. When I asked them if they were like zoozzworkforce, they said “over and above that each task assigned to byrunnr is insured up to a sum of Rs 5,00,000/- to cover up any monetary loss during the task”. I as a journalist can assign a byrunner through the app my task of covering a startup event in Bangalore while I cover another event in Delhi. Sounded interesting to me.

Morning Bell

“Ting Tong”, who is it so early in the morning asks my wife, I surprise her with milk, bread, paper, vegies and more delivered at our preferred time, without waking up early or going late to office. When asked how different they are from bigbasket and groffers, they said “customizable morning needs at customizable days with the help of an intelligent calendar”. They are presently providing services in Delhi region but very soon hoping to expand.

40 crooks

The team is named, as ”crook” only to attract people to their reward based gaming app. In reality the founders of this app are like Robin Hood. They steal amazing deals from around physical and .com stores to reward gamers on their platform.


“Would you like to get a free printed photograph delivered to your door step?” Was asked by Justkapture team. I starting thinking about all the images that I wanted to print and hang on my wall to refresh my memories. Hold on a minute said Manish, founder of Justkapture there was a limitation of 6 photographs a month. The hidden truth, these guys send advertisements behind each photograph. I see two benefits, one I get a free photograph, two I see advertisements that might be of interest. It’s a win-win situation for Justkapture, the advertiser, and me.


Nearly 11% of Indian population is looking for jobs. It could be their first job or a change. UdhyogIndian wants to transform these job seekers resume by providing them a Visual CV, Video CV, Infographical CV Summary, and Social media presence. This CV might not get candidates a job in the first round but will surely open a door to attend interviews in many companies. HRs would also love to view such visual appealing resumes.

The Dependables

Indivar Reddy, founder of this idea “Dependables” does not need to speak much. The name says it all! You and I can depend on his team for multiple services. Among all the services the most interesting is the home and lifestyle service. With this app I can hire an interior designer for just rupees 500, who will come home and help me buy home interior articles as per my requirements. Now I can change the look of my house whenever I desire.

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