Students of NITK College launch pre food ordering app

Students of many collages face the problem of ordering food from the canteen and having to wait long minutes to get their food delivered. Sometimes, half of their lunch time is spent on waiting for their food to be delivered. This can be very frustrating. To tackle this problem, students of National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK) collage have come up with an innovative solution. They have launched a mobile app called which enables students of NITK collage to pre order food from three of the collage’s canteen. The students can select the time when they want the food to be delivered and also the place where they want the food to be delivered (like a classroom or their hostel room). Read more on Mobile Apps

This app has saved a lot of time for a lot of students. Gautamdev Chowdary, CEO and co-founder of He said canteen operators don’t have to keep a person exclusively to receive food orders on phone now. Around 120 to 130 orders are being placed every day through this app now. Users can also pay for their orders online through the various payment gateways incorporated in the mobile application. The other co – founders of the startup are Sabari Ram and Amit Wadatkar (CTO). The founders of did a beta run of their mobile app for three months before launching it officially. When asked about the revenue source, Mr. Chowdary said right now, the start-up charges 1 percent of the order amount from the canteen owners. The start-up is being incubated at the Science and Technology Entrepreneurs’ Park (STEP) of NITK.

Ordering food in canteens and waiting a long time for it, can be frustrating for any person, not only students. Lunch time is one of those times when students get to relax and chat with their friends. If half of their lunch time elapses in waiting for food to get delivered, it can be very frustrating for students. Hence, it is no surprise that the students of NITK collage have found’s mobile app very useful as it saved them a lot of time and effort. Moreover, enabling online payments in the mobile app will contribute to making India a cashless economy and increase the number of online payments. Overall, this is a very innovative and useful startup. The Government of India should fund, promote and incubate more of such useful and innovative startups. Read more on Startup News

Students of NITK College launch pre food ordering app
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